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Okami wa Nemuranai 49.16


The day after, Lecan went to ask something from Ezak again. Something that's been bothering him.

"Ezak. Gaskoel-dono mentioned how all contacts to Yufu are lost, what did he mean by that."

"Not sure myself either, but a royal envoy sent by the royal family wasn't able to meet Marquis of Yufu last year, neither did they send an envoy back. And this year, Marquis of Yufu never turned up at the capital for the new year greeting."


"Letters sent by Gaskoel-sama addressed to Rubianafale-sama never received a reply either. And according to merchants who went to Yufu recently, the checkpoint there has been closed down."

"Weird stuff."

For some reason, something strongly compelled Lecan to go to Yufu at this point.

Thinking back, he got to stay at Zaidmahl because Rubianafale invited him. He learned how to speak and common knowledge in this world by spending a year there. As well as securing funds. He obtained the foundation that allowed him to live in this world at Zaidmahl House, he owed a great deal of debt to Rubianafale.

And now the same Rubianafale might be in trouble. He should go and check it out. So he thought.

"We will be heading to Yufu after this. We have been entrusted with a message from our lord. Once we have all the presents we ordered here ready, we shall go pay Marquis of Yufu-sama a visit."

"I'm going to Yufu too."

"Eh? But, then."

"No, I'm not going with you guys. Gonna go my own way."

"W-will you? But they won't let you in without some pass or ID, you know."

"I'll manage. I wanna get mats from Great Flame Dragons in Grand Dungeon Yufu. If I could see Rubianafale in good health from afar while I'm at it, all the better."

As he'll be getting Argent Flame Wolf pelt armor, the Great Flame Dragon's leather armor isn't actually an absolute necessity. But there's no harm in having one around. And he's always intended to go to Grand Dungeon Yufu one of these days anyway.

"Well I guess the young lady's quite taken on you after all. Lecan."


"I'll be frank with you since you'll find out anyway once you get to Yufu, Lady Rubianafale has awoken to <Purification> during her stay at Yufu."


"And she has been named the <Maiden of Solace> by Raikos Temple."

(Well damn.)

(She's definitely been dragged into a mess.)

"Ezak. I owe you one. I pray for your safe travel. Let's meet again at Yufu if possible."

"I'm glad I could see you again, Lecan. Thanks for your treat last night. And for the gift. Let me treat you next time, count on it."

"Can't wait."

"Still, that was a lot of money... No, I guess you are a conqueror of two Grand Dungeons. I'll be sure to make good use of it."


"See you again, Lecan."


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Lecan parted ways with Ezak and headed straight to Mashajain.

Norma and Eda were back at Wazrof Mansion already.

"Lecan! Are you alright?"

Eda forgot her polite tone due to excessive worry.

Though since she's let loose of her ample red hair to shoulder length and wearing casual clothes, she may just be in relaxation mode around family.

"Yea. Managed to escape the capital with my life somehow."

"What has gone down exactly. For you to phrase it like that."

"Ah, right, tell you what."

Lecan explained the circumstances to Manfrey, Eda and Norma.

Manfrey was indignant.

"That was well and beyond absurdity. Lord Tomato has truly gone off the rail this time. I shall send another reminder to Lord Tomato that you are an individual who will soon be wed to a lady of Wazrof."

"That's not someone you can reason with. You'd better off staying clear of her."

"It matters not. I shan't stand idly if there is even a sliver of chance for next time."

"Really. Your sentiment is appreciated."

Norma spoke with a worried look.

"Lecan. I have to go and see priest Amamir."

"Ah. Think it'll be fine. But bring some skilled knights with you around. Never be by yourself."

"I understand."

"Now then, just as you've heard, something's going on at Yufu. I plan to go and take a look. Also gonna go hunt some Great Flame Dragons in the meantime."

Eda spoke with sparkles in her eyes.

"Lecan. I wanna come with you too."


"I'm gonna be a huge help to you for sure."

Lecan stared at Eda's face for a while.

A beautiful face shining bright with youth and life.

A face of someone who has her own will and fully comprehends what the words she speaks of entails.

"Alright, come. We'll go together."

"Lecan. I will entrust you with my letter to Marquis of Yufu. I shall issue a pass as well. Use it as you see fit."

"Much obliged."

"Should I prepare a wagon."

"Nah. Thanks but no thanks."

"That was boorish of me. I'll get you a map."


"Speaking of which, I am thinking of scheduling your wedding day to the 13th of month six. Is that acceptable?"

"13th of month six huh. I'll try to conquer the dungeon and get back here before the date."

"That's unlikely possible. Dungeon Yufu is said to be exploreable only by a huge group of knights and conquering it requires several months of time."

"Hou. Sounds fun. Ah, yeah. Almost forgot. Could you contact Vice Temple Head of Capital Ceres Temple, Marlia Fotos and fill her on Marquis of Smarc's ploy?"

"Marlia Fotos? Ah, right, that person. I see that you are acquainted with her. Indeed that would be most entertaining. Consider it done. And, here take this with you. A gift from the royal family to you."

Manfrey presented a green medal.

"Hm? What's this medal."

"With that, you and your companions are free to enter and explore Dungeon Finkel."

"Ah, I see. Sort of pass huh. But I thought it's been ruled under Kingdom Laws that anyone can enter any dungeon, yet you need a pass from the king for Dungeon Finkel?"

"Dungeon Finkel is a private property of the Royal Family, thus it sits outside Kingdom Laws. One needs permission from the king to explore it. To begin with, the dungeon is situated within a plot of land owned by the royal family, thus you cannot even approach it without the king's tacit approval."

(So the king does not fall under Kingdom Law huh.)

(I see it's not a Rule by Law for sure.)

"In addition, you and your companions are also free to go in the royal palace with this medal."


"A lower stratum medal would have been sufficient if it's only for entering Dungeon Finkel. This medal is normally something given to territory-less lords, or Royally Appointed knights over a certain rank. His majesty the king has deemed you worthy to stand among middle-ranked members of nobility."


"I suppose this is outside your interest."


"By the way, what shall be done about your house name?"

"House name?"

"You may use that Narum Royalty name, or Wazrof. Or even a new house name."

"Fumu. I don't really care about house names or whatever, but I guess you can't have two legal wives then."

"That is indeed the case. Some may use this point to falsely accuse you like Marquis of Smarc did."

"I'll think about one if I feel like it. For now I'll go with Wazrof."


The following day, Lecan went and stocked up daily necessities like food and stuff in his <Storage>.

He was also detailed on Yufu.

Then the day after, Lecan and Eda stood before the front door of Wazrof Mansion. With several other people seeing them off.

Eda has cut her grown hair short. Her attendants tried to stop her to the point of being in tears.

The two have Petitfire Dragon's leather armor on, with Lecan wearing Overking Bear Overcoat on top and Eda's a mantle dropped on Golbul's last floor.

"We'll be off."

"I'm off."

Norma smiled at them.

"Un. I believe that the two of you can overcome any hurdles coming your way. But please don't ever forget that you have people here praying for your safety every day."

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