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Okami wa Nemuranai 49.3


The royal palace occupied a huge plot of land, surrounded by a gigantic magic barrier.

Which is further wrapped by multiple types of barriers.

The amount of mana contained within these barriers is unfathomable. Lecan can't even imagine just how many magic stones they'd need to expend in order to maintain these.

Not sure how it works, but neither Lecan's <Life Detection> nor <Mana Detection> could detect things beyond those barriers.

And what's more shocking is how his <Mana Detection> couldn't work inside the barrier either. <Life Detection> is usable, but it can't pinpoint stuff, in a spot with people in close proximity, it can't distinguish the how many there are. Fortunately <3D Perception> works as usual. Though a bit hazy.

(Guess this comes with the territory.)

(What an unbelievably powerful barrier formation.)

His body feels oddly heavy. Uncomfortable.

"This is the <Wings of Heaven (Kaires)>"

"Hm? Eda. What's this about?"

"The royal palace is guarded by a magic tool known as <Wings of Heaven>. They repel magic attack from outside and forbid the use of magic inside the wings. Thus, it's said that mages usually feel a sense of discomfort when they first step foot in here."


Meaning, <3D Perception> doesn't work at 100% and he can't use magic while he's inside this mysterious barrier. Placing a huge limiter on Lecan's prowess.

"I don't feel anything different in particular. I've heard the discomfort is very slight to the point that average mages don't notice it. I'm sure that's not the case with Lecan and Eda-dono because you both possesses tremendous amount of mana. You might want to tell them if it's too much on you."

"No, Norma. I'm fine. It's nothing I can't bear. What about you Eda."

"Oh, I'm all right too."
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"Hmph. Hm? Wait. Then how's Skalabel gonna cast <Purification> here?"

"There is a room called <Room of Healing> inside the main building where magic can be used."

"I see. Guess they've got that figured out."

The group got down their wagon and walked toward a conspicuously majestic-looking building. Some weird magic tools were pointed at them at the entrance. It scanned their body with mana.

(Guessing these are <Box> detecting magic tools huh?)

(So magic tools are usable inside the barrier but magic are not.)

They were led to a room in the back by a chamberlain.

The chamberlain informed of Wazrof group's arrival from outside the door, then a voice from inside urged them to enter. With Manfrey leading the way, Lecan and the others walked in. Rigan and other knights are standing by outside.

The man sitting on the chair in front of them must be the king. There's several high-ranking nobles next to him and several servants behind them.

Once the door was closed, Manfrey bowed at the king sitting ahead of them. Lecan and the other stopped behind Manfrey and bowed as well.

"Marquis of Mashajain, Manfrey Wazrof. Here to bring your majesty adventurer Lecan as well as his two fiancees as per your summon."

"You have endeavored well, Marquis of Mashajain. It is to my joy to hear about the engagement of a lady of Wazrof. And for her partner to be an otherworld noble as well as an extraordinary adventurer who has conquered both Grand Dungeon of Tsubolt and Palcimo. And for him to also get engaged to the <Purification> wielder who healed Skalabel. Thus I called you here for me to personally congratulate you."

"It is an honor."

"Prime Minister."

"Your majesty."

"I would like to talk to Lecan directly."

"By your will. Lecan-dono. You may proceed forward."

Manfrey moved to the side, Lecan moved forward while still facing down and greeted the king with his world's etiquette.

"Hou. That gesture is unfamiliar to me, but it does carry a deep grace. I see, you are indeed an otherworld noble."

"Your majesty. If I may have a few words."

"Hm? Marquis Smarc. What's the matter."

"There is someone whose origin must be made clear in this Wazrof marriage."


"Smarc, that's."

"Worry not, Prime Minister-dono. This is not about the princess's lineage. I am referring to a man who calls himself an otherworld noble."

(Maquis Smarc?)

Lecan recalled that name. Marquis Smarc's son was the noble who proposed to Norma and ended up having to duel with Lecan at Tsubolt. No well, the one who fought was his proxy, Visca Kouen though.

Winning that duel netted Lecan a Genesiac Grace Gear, <Talisman of Darkness Demon>.

"Wazrof Household has guaranteed Adventurer Lecan-dono's origin. You must cease your accusation before the presence of his majesty the king, Marquis of Smarc."

"This is no accusation. I am in the know."

"Fumu. Seeing as you are willing to claim as such, I shall at least hear you out. What is it that you know."

"Yes, your majesty. That adventurer Lecan was not of a noble birth. He may well truly be a <Descender>, but noble he is not, that's a bare faced lie, he is an orphan who knows not his parents' names. As such, he cannot be allowed to marry two women."

Lecan slightly raised his face to look at the talking man.

The guy's wearing a luxurious-looking attire. Hatred could be felt on his eyes glaring at Lecan.

He does look similar to that son of his, what's his name again. Especially the glares.

"Marquis of Mashajain has been tricked. So what do you have to say to this, Lecan. Go ahead and state your objections if you have any."

(He found out I'm an orphan huh.)

(Who the heck told him?)

No one in this world knows how Lecan lived in his original world. And if there's one.

(Boudo. Is it you?)




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