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Okami wa Nemuranai 50.1


Lecan was surprised when he saw the splendid <Dungeon Highway> during the time he traveled from the capital to Tsubolt, but he was left in awe at the first sight of <Great Highway> connecting the capital to the south.

It's a road of stone.

Rocks smoothed, shaved and spread to be made into a road.

This road is made from cleverly put together rocks, with powdered rocks filling the gap and it's perfectly leveled.

Very wide as well.

You can easily pass by a small wagon coming from the opposite direction.

Or even a large wagon if you squeeze to the graveled sides of the road.

As this road extends to Sopdemoa far out in the south, then again from there far to the east until Gido and Smarc, the labor and money poured into it is unimaginable.

Horses, wagons, carts, and people readily tread on this <Great Highway>. There were many caravans of 5-10 carts joined together and carts pulled by Stout Dragons.

The highway from Vantaroy to Mashajain was especially impressive for a highway in the northern part of the kingdom, but it's not completely level, there are points where it gets narrow or uneven, you need to be careful with your horses in those parts. There's no need for such worry on the <Great Highway>.

(I see. With this.)

(They can transport a huge amount of loads between capital, Gido and Smarc far in the south just fine.)

(I get it now.)

Lecan and Eda proceeded faster than expected despite them not especially in a hurry.

They departed Mashajain on the 29th of month one.

They arrived near the capital on the afternoon the next day. They didn't enter the capital and proceeded through the southwest route, entering the <Great Highway> on the 31st. Then they reached Wado on the 37th.

As a matter of fact, the capital to Wado would have taken them six days as well on a stagecoach. However, stagecoaches would keep running all the way during daytime except for a short lunch break. In contrast, Lecan and Eda would take their times preparing campsites or learning ways to master <Leg Bands of White Devil> and <Sword of Toron>, so their actual running speed is quite fast. Other travelers who passed by them would put on a look of surprise every time.

Wado is a marquisdom, a metropolis that houses Dungeon Wado known as <Dungeon of Wisdom>. Gotta explore this dungeon one of these days too.

During mealtime at their inn, Eda spoke in whisper.

"Lecan. I feel like I've seen the person sitting on that table over there somewhere."

"Ah, you mean Chubby. Guy's been following us since we departed Mashajain. Flaunting it all the while. Oy, Chubby!"

Chubby walked to their table with all smiles.

"Hehe, Chief. Is it my turn to shine?"

"Yea, lend me your power."


"Why the shocked look."

"I never thought you'd admit to it so readily."

"You were that person who told us about that ambush on our way back from Tsubolt, right?"

"Truly an honor you remember me, Mistress."

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"My name is Gwislan. Pleasure to make your acquaintance."

"Chubby. We're heading for Yufu. Have you been there?"

"I have not."

"We're gonna enter Yufu through the checkpoint. Can you get in Yufu without getting through the checkpoint?"

"I cannot say until I have gone there myself."

"You're unexpectedly useless."

"Chief. I'm a covert operative specializing in city roving. I am ill-equipped with ways to go through a checkpoint without being detected nor skills to gallivant through steep mountains."

"Something's going down at Yufu. And I got an acquaintance there. I plan to check up on her. I'd like to keep you hidden as my trump card, don't talk to me in public after this."


"This is your fund for now."

Lecan took a big gold coin and handed it over to Chubby.

"I shall take it."

Chubby went back to his own table.



"What's Rubianafale-san like?"

"Just like I told you. She was one of the first people I met after I got to this world and invited me to Zaidmahl mansion. I learned this world's language spending a year there."

"From Rubianafale-san's point of view, Lecan must look like a hero who was destined to come to her rescue."

"Hm? What hero?"

"I mean. You showed up out of nowhere in the most desperate time and defeated the dangerous magic beast, saving her and people important to her too."

"Speaking of, I took care of some assassins aiming for her life too."


"Yea. Some assassins went for Ruby once her marriage was decided."


"Apparently some noble didn't think well of Ruby or wanted to supplant her position or something."

"Nobles are scary. So then you beat those assassin?"

"Yea. All four attempts."

"Four? Ooh, you really are her hero or like guardian deity for real. So, what do you think of Rubianfale-san yourself, Lecan?"

"Not sure how to answer that, but I'd like to lend a hand if she needs it. That's the least I could do to repay the debt I owe her."

"Debt huh. Hmmm."

(I'd like to ask about the jewel too.)

(Got a feeling I probably shouldn't mention the exchange of jewels to Eda.)

Eda launched a bean out of her plate. The bean hit Lecan's forehead. He grabbed it and put it in his mouth.

"Don't hurl food you."

Eda launched another bean without replying back.

The bean flew to the right of Lecan's face, Lecan moved his head and opened his mouth to get it inside.

Eda launched another bean, looking unrepentant.

Lecan silently took the bean with his mouth.

After hurling the tenth bean, Eda quickly finished her meal and went back to her room after whispering thanks for the meal.

As he chewed the bean while seeing Eda's back off, Lecan ordered additional booze.




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