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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 234

234 Topic


I told her, 'Let's talk later on the first floor over dinner', and she left.
Then I saw her sitting quietly in the corner when I got down to eat later on.
I was holding the slightest hope of her leaving though.

(I told her we'll talk. Can't just ignore her now... I mean I said it myself. Ah, but man what a pain.)

The girl might have been randomly knocking on all the doors upstairs. Without checking if anyone was inside.
He might not recognize my face. Then I could just pretend that never happened, but doesn't seem like it.

(Ah, she looked over here and even bowed... No way to dodge this...)

All that stuff about resolve and yet I hesitated when it's time to put my foot down, what a pitiful man I am.

I sat down and ordered my share before paying in advance. 'Thank you!' the server's voice echoed loudly and got immediately drowned by the chatter here.
Apparently this is the usual time for mercenaries to come and drink, I could hear stuff like, 'Found a nice sword', 'My client's a tyrant', 'Stingy reward for that difficult mission', 'Made a killing today' and such.
Seeing as she waited for me for quite a while, she must have been at her wit's end. Like trying to grasp at straw. Looking for anyone who would hear her out.
Since I was the only one she could find, she waited quietly in the corner.
After a beat, I greeted her. Despite her desperateness, it's clear she still maintains a sense of courtesy.

"My name is Minya. I truly hope you would be willing to kindly accept my commission."

I thought she was still a kid due to her short stature, but her greeting had the obvious aura of a 'grown up'.

"The commission is to escort me to an abandoned mine situated in a mountain two days away from the Kingdom."

Red hair and brown eyes. Minya's traits are something I've never seen before.
People in this world are all blonds with blue eyes. Yet she looks like another race in comparison.

"I wish to look for my grandfather who has gone there one month ago. However, many beasts are reportedly prowling the way there, as such I would like you to protect me until destination."

"...Shouldn't that be something you commission Mercenary Guild for, like a search party not for you to go there yourself?"

My question was quite reasonable. I was sure it was something more pressing.
A simple escort mission. Then she could've just gone to the guild, but then I realized that this happened a month ago and how she'd been asking mercenaries without the guild's mediation, meaning there's a reason behind it.
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It was too late when I realized I made a mistake. Minya started narrating her life story... or not, she didn't.
I was bracing myself for another session of a long winded history lesson, and yet there was no sign of Minya doing that.


As I was taken aback by the lack of the 'expected', I found out why, the waiter had brought my meal.

"I shall refrain from spoiling your meal with a boorish tale. Please go ahead and enjoy your dinner first. I can attest the food here."

'Well then', I indulged on her consideration and ate the served dish which was good indeed.




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