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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 241

241 Decisive Blow


We've left the inn and arrived at the gate that connects to the path to the abandoned mine.
There's no problem so far. Like a calm before the storm.
To me this feels like the prelude before a 'showy' act.

(Those thugs from yesterday can't have given up. My hunch is telling me they're definitely coming.)

"Hold it, Minya. Where are you heading off to? Going with that skinny guy is suicidal, you're just gonna become fodder for beasts. I ain't gonna let that happen yeah?"

Dento, the annoying mercenary from yesterday called out to us.  This early in the morning. He's been waiting at the gate before us. It's pretty much an ambush.
He slowly approached step by step. Toward Minya.
An alarm rang in my head. Letting him get closer is just gonna waste our time. Even just driving him away already is.

"Are you here to see us off or are you gonna come with us? Which is it? Don't bother trying to stop us. Move outta the way. Otherwise I'm gonna have to resort to force."

I won't stand getting irate so early in the morning. This is the time to use my power.
Feel free to boo at my reckless action. But I really can't be bothered to waste time on this worthless man. Even though I only know about this guy from his short entrance yesterday, he's already shot up to the very top of the list of people 'I don't wanna get involved with'.

I stood in front of Minya and glared at him. But it was for nothing. The man isn't even looking at me.

"Oy oy oy Minya. Forget about this guy, you have me. How long are you gonna make me wait huh?"

A continuation from yesterday. He still doesn't get it even after getting told off so much yesterday.

(That's not it, this guy only thinks about himself in his head. A total 'freak'.)

"You can discuss among the three of you later once the grandpa's back. We gotta leave now. Move out. I'm warning you again, do not get in the way."

There's no point in even attempting to communicate. It's a waste of energy.
So I was surprised to see Minya opening her mouth as Dento tried to get past me. 'Don't entertain him', I thought.
But her words surprised me more. But then I get it, she's asking for the impossible.

"I don't mind becoming yours if gramps 'approves' you."
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Afterward, Minya briskly walked in the gate's direction.
I dunno what Minya's gramps like but I just can't see him approve Dento. That was the clue.
This mercenary guy, Dento is an existence so worthless she could afford to say that.
It's also the most effective method to shoo him away.
After all, the first requirement is to find the gramps.
And if by any chance this gramps has died, then that requirement can never be sated.

Dento should offer his help here if he understands that.
Yet, he spat out incoherent stuff instead.

"Oy, Minya. That's the last straw you hear me? I'll make you regret those words."

Minya kept walking to the gate like his words never reached her.

(...What's his deal? Doesn't seem like he's given up. He's been stalking Minya since yesterday, no, way before that. Yet he pulled back so readily here...)

Despite feeling doubtful, I walked toward the gatekeeper to finish the gate departure procedure.
Dento didn't even bother to see us off, he immediately left like he had no more business here.

(Oh man, he's definitely plotting something...)

Considering all the events I went through so far, I can almost guarantee the man's gonna show up again later.
After a sigh, I showed the gatekeeper my 'Second Class' pass, which was met with yet another shock.

(Just how incredible is this thing anyway? It's getting seriously eerie now... Eltross...)

As I was trembling at how impactful a pass issued at the Commercial City be even in Kingdom, we finally left the gate.




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