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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 230

230 Meat Buying


In a word, it's a magic beast meat. More 'material' than ingredient.
I'm guessing it's from that magic beast rampage at the empire.
Just like how all kinds of magic beast materials get to become gear, weapons and medicine, this Great Boar meat must be a high class ingredient. Kinda like in the world of 'Tori**'.
As I was thinking that, THUD, a lump of meat, no a thick slice of steak was put on my table.
It's the menu I ordered. The limited time one from the promotion.

"That's gonna be two silver coins. Thanks for your patronage!"

Looks like you pay when your meal is ready. A bit unusual, or maybe paying later is unique to Japanese people?
But it didn't take me a second to pay, not with this tasty looking lump of meat before my eyes. Dunno if two silver coins are too pricey or not.
I asked the server who brought my meal for additional order.

"May I have another one of this dish wrapped for a take out? I'll pay extra for the trouble. Can it be done?"

"Oy oy, I mean that ain't hard... but y'know, you gotta come to our diner if you wanna eat our food, that's the custom 'ere."

For some reason this burly macho server seemed hesitant.
I tried to solve this with money. Two silver coins on the table with extra five copper coins.
This server must be quite a penny-pincher seeing as he went all smile as he nabbed it, 'Thanks for your patronage!'. Despite saying it was a custom or something, his attitude saw a complete turnaround when money gets shoved on his face.
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"Okay then, thanks for the meal." he went back to the kitchen unknown if he heard me.

Now then, the verdict for the meat itself; it rivaled the best steak in Japan. No, probably even tastier.
Their promotional line was no lie. It's cheap for what you get. Heck, I thought it was too cheap even.
The outside is well seared yet the inside has had enough heat transferred into, my knife cut through it surprisingly softly.
It melts in my mouth and fills it full of flavor and juice.
The more I chew the more it spreads seemingly endlessly as I swallow it.
The right amount of salt adds to the flavor instead of overpowering.
And the end comes too soon for this bliss when I come back to my sense. It even makes me wonder how my belly could fit that much volume.
My hunger vanishes along with the meat as I get wrapped in a sense of euphoria.
I never experienced anything like this even in my past life. It made me fearful.

I would sometimes come across people who unabashedly yelled, 'To life is to eat!', out loud. I could finally get them now, they must have got that inclination after experiencing this kind of sensation.
I didn't need to but I ended up getting them. Even though I'm not a glutton.

I left the diner after I had my fill. With a steak take out.
If you ask what this take out for, it's a gift for Chimera who did (?) most in the matter this time.
I don't see it right now, but it's sure to show up out of nowhere when I least expect it and this is for that time.
The steak is wrapped in something like paper inside an ivy-like basket on a plate.
With that on hand, I walked around the main street while taking in the sight and looking for an inn for tonight.

All without knowing about yet another trouble waiting for me at the inn I found.




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