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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 250

250 Nauseating Scenery


A group of oink-oinking filthy bipedal pigs are there. About 30 of them.
They're coming for Grudos. They must see them as prey.
Judging from Minya's reaction earlier, these orcs must be an existence that only causes harm.
I'd already eliminated six orcs even before coming to that conclusion though.

(I mean, they could have been of different kinds here. Either monsters or demi-humans, whether they can communicate or not.)

Plenty of trending light novels nowadays have them depicted as 'good neighbors' kind.
But this world's orcs seem to be the 'brute' type, should be no issue getting rid of them.

(Then there's also... there's no way, but... meat...)
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Yeah, these things are pigs. Meaning pork. Some literary works treat them as meat.
I had no time to ask Minya if that's how it goes here too or not.
Is it forbidden because they're demi-humans, or do people see them as foodstuff.

(Though the people here got the perfect cattle in Mahon, I don't think they're desperate for other type of meat, or do they?)

My brain couldn't process well after encountering another fantasy here.
I got a bit dejected, am I never gonna get accustomed to this?
I thought I would after coming across so many fantasy, but I could only see a future where I kept getting confused every time.

The orcs had walked up right in front of me as I was relishing in that helpless feeling.

"Gotta be careful not to mince them into powder like with those mercenaries."

I said out loud to remind myself and grabbed my sword. Then I went straight and cut an orc that was going for the helpless tied up Grudos.
I had entered Accelerated state when I drew my sword. No slipping up.

I slashed all the orcs one by one. All while taking the correct posture and stance.

(Learning how to handle a sword right should come in handy when push comes to shove, right?)

That sounds vague and all, but running into way too many of these events is a reality I live in.
Nobody can tell what's gonna happen. I've gotta make use of the time I have well.
And thus I keep swinging the sword in all kinds of positions while imagining their use cases.

I undid Acceleration once I curtailed the last orc. And immediately regretted it but it was too late.

"Ah! And I'd just perfected ways to avoid splatter too... blood pool... oee...."

It was as if this place had turned into a slaughterhouse. It was so grotesque I couldn't help myself from vomiting.

"Uoeeee, barf barf barf~"

Fortunately I hadn't eaten yet so nothing came out.
Scene of carnage, nasty smell, pool of blood. It's just all too much.
The Grudos seemed to have gotten excited from the smell of blood they started making loud noises.

(Ah, gotta go inform Minya... and deal with this... oeee...)

Thus my mood fell down hard after exterminating the orcs. As I walked back to the hut, a question popped up in my mind.

(Minya seemed to get the word orcs, but what if it's not the same thing I have in mind?)

Are this world's orcs the beings I just genocided? Or is it an entirely different being?
Are my 'orcs' the same as this world's 'orcs'? Do the 'orcs' Minya has in mind the same as mine?
My brain was not working right after this huge mess and yet I could calmly think about that which surprised me as I opened the hut's door.




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