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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 246

246 Growing is Hard


"You lot only bring harm to people trying to live a honest life. Meaning I don't need to hold back. Minya, keep what you're about to witness to yourself. Promise me that."

I accelerated after making that declaration. No point in talking with these guys anymore.
They're nothing but trash. I've lost my restraint against evil after coming to this world and gaining this power.

The four thugs are responsible for intimidation and murder-robbery. The latter may still be an attempt, but there's no doubt they would have done that without hesitation had I been unarmed. No mercy to these trash.
As for Dento, he's dealing in human trafficking and I guess defrauding the gramps? There's probably more too.

These people don't warrant pity.

Minya is the sole witness here. Then might as well letting out all my pent-up stress and irritation on these guys.
Not like Minya could see what I'm doing in Accelerated state though.

The five people have been sliced and minced all while I'm thinking the above.
More chopped than even Goddel I dueled at the empire. And just like that time, I got too much into it again, going too far. Like finely minced onion.

Despite being aware how haphazard my mental state during Accelerated became, it was too late when I realized.

(Wonder if my brain received an excess intake of dopamine or something? I immediately regain my sense after undoing this state too...)

At this rate, Minya would be first in row for a splatter show. One that will put her out of commission at that I'm sure. It's just too shocking a scene. I know after what happened to the princess back then, I've gotta prevent it.
Fortunately, my brain still had enough room to consider that before undoing Acceleration, thus I cut off all the grass around us and put piles of them over the minced guys.

Naturally, I got too much into this deed, again.
Thanks to that, the previously thicket heavy terrain turned into a prairie with a nice sprawling view.
Leaving only five piles of grass behind.
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(I went and overdid it... How many times is this now, I really never learn...)

Once I undid Acceleration, the sound of splashing water could be heard and the heaps of grass fell down the ground before silence wrapped the surroundings.
Only the peculiar thick smell of cut grass and a slight tinge of blood and iron remained.

"Wha? What just happened!? ...No, what did you do!?"

From Minya's point of view, it must have felt like she's been transported to a completely different location.
Her surroundings have suddenly turned into a prairie immediately after I told her to keep it a secret, with the five people in front of us missing. In their spots now lie five mysterious heaps of grass.
Any explanation I give her would sound like a 'horror' to her. So much so that there's no way she could ever believe it.
Next to her Chimera showed up, unknown whether it perceived Minya's mental state or not as it let out a "Meoww" that got carried into the sprawling meadow by the wind.





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