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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 242

242 Excessive Dopa-Dopa In Brain


Things were going well at first. The road was a bit arid but easy to step on.
But that didn't last long. Tall grass everywhere, there's not even an animal trail, completely swallowed by nature.

"How many years has it been since this road was used? Two days to get there seem optimistic don't you think?"

"My apologies. I was too naive. That was how long it took back then. But I never would have guessed the path would turn this bad so quickly."

According to Minya, the mine was deemed 'completely exhausted' about half a year ago and abandoned.
Up until then, it had been used in a mining operation for many years to the point they even built a town around it.
Thus, she thought people would keep going to that town even after it was abandoned, yet in actuality the path has been claimed by nature.

"Are people still living in that town? Wouldn't that make them isolated? Doesn't sound safe."

"From what I heard, they had quickly reclaimed all resources there including people. The houses had been dismantled too, so I don't believe anyone is still there. There have been no news about bandits settling down or magic beasts causing damage however, it should be relatively safe."

She must have gathered some intel. But that's all old intel. No way to tell if it's safe now. Not until we've gone there ourselves.
I mean seeing how bad the path that leads there. Who knows what's going on with the town.

"But man, you just can't help admiring the power of nature huh. Look at how tall the grass is."

We're slowing down. I can't see ourselves following the schedule unless we do something about all this tall grass.

"It's only a matter of time till we get lost at this rate. You can't even make out the road anymore. Minya could you close your eyes for a bit? Just for a teensy bit."

She looked troubled at my request.
But after sending one doubtful glance my way, she closed her eyes.

I took a shovel out of magic bag and Accelerated. Bought the shovel thinking it'd come in handy.
Now then, what I'm about to do is.

(Just gotta trace along this neglected road and...)

I stabbed the ground shallow with the shovel and ran in a straight line.
I keep running while scooping out only the thin topmost portion of the ground like it's made of pudding.
The road is getting shaved down nicely like a planed wood.
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(Hyoo! This is actually kinda fun! Fyuu! Interesting!)

I came to forget my goal as I kept dashing ahead forgetting even the time.
As I experienced the ecstasy of neatly shaving down ground without any resistance for the first time in my life, reality came crashing.

(Ah, don't tell me that's? Oh crap! It's definitely the entrance!)

By the time I got back to my sense, I had already arrived at the remains of the mining town's gate.
I've really gotten dumber in this world.

(Let's go back... I got too much into it...)

The soil I had scooped out is floating still in mid air. Yep, I did all this at maximum Acceleration level.
I ran past the soil tracing back to Minya. I had made sure to scoop the ground diagonally so it wouldn't fall back down burying the road again.
I had just lost myself running across an entire trail that would have taken two days normally.
It's beyond stupid. I was filled with regret as I ran back the same distance.

Once I got back to the starting point, I immediately undid Acceleration. Quite a long time has passed for me. I may have been running, but it's still a long track. Dunno how many hours precisely, I just know it's quite long.
However, the actual time elapsed in the 'world' is not even a flash. My brain rejected thinking about it due to how terrifying it's all.

(This 'power' is just way too excessive... Way dangerous.)

I never thought much about it since I never spent too long in Accelerated state, but the 'terror' I felt this time was massive enough to freeze me.
Running over that long distance, and then back. Yet the 'world' did not experience that even for a moment. How else can you call this but terror?
Regardless of how I feel, the soil I scooped out flew high up into the sky after I undid Acceleration.
After which, a neatly tiled road that extends ahead as far as eyes can see is revealed.

"You can open your eyes now. Come on, let's keep moving."

I went ahead avoiding to see Minya's face. Trying my hardest to overlook trifling matters that have come to pass.

"Wha? Eh? Just what? ...What's happening here? ...Eeeh!? Ah, wait! Wait! E-explain! Explain to me!? Wa-wait, don't leave me behind! Hold it!"

I don't have the answer to that. Not even I understand myself.




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