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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 255

255 Pattern


In the first place, monsters that spawn in dungeons are modeled after information contained in Mana Crystallization, manifested with mana.
Then you could say that those skeletons and their unusual number have been 'accumulating' for some time.
The process must have begun long before the dungeon entrance emerged outside. Quite a long while ago.

(Been for at least half a year ago surely? The dungeon had already existed back then, but it never connected to the mine by pure chance, until today.)

You can't blame me questioning how the hell that happened right after we got here.
The Mana Crystallization must have used skeletons of people working in the mine as the base of monsters it produced, that idea crept me out.

(Guess it's still better than zombies. I'm not really a fan of Bio H*z*rd.)
<TLN: Resident Evil's title in Japan.)

I don't really like House of the D*ad either. With that thought running in my head, I put my hands on the huge boulder in the middle of the room while being careful.

(This rock's unusually smooth... Oh, it's cool to the touch, nice.)

That was the end of my carefree thought.
Many rocks suddenly floated out of the walls nearby and flew in my direction.


I let out a weird scream in surprise. However, none of the rocks hit me.
I dodged them all under Acceleration. But those rocks kept crashing into the boulder causing incredible impacts.
Yet they didn't break, instead they combined together into a single big rugged boulder.

"What is this, a mail spirit!? Wait no, this must be another classic huh!?"

Yep, this lump of rocks began moving with a loud noise, into a humanoid shape.
Until it finally turned into the classic 'Golem'.

"Ooh! Yet another fantasy! I guess this is what you call a Rock Golem? This thing's huuge."

I look up, it should be around three meter tall?
The Mana Crystallization must have used 'Human' information to form rocks into this shape. Quite an awe-inspiring sight.
My tension is getting weird after going through this chain of fantasy.
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"Wait wait, what do I do now? Have fun? Or do I gotta take it down?"

I had never measured the limit of my body before, so I decided to use this golem as a test subject.
I could have instantly turned it into dust with Acceleration, yet I chose to take my time here.

Irrespective of my thought, the golem raised both its arms high and swung them down at me.
The impact that attack produced felt like the end of the world as it caused a tremor in the whole room.
However, I didn't even need Acceleration to dodge such an obviously large swing. The golem took so long with a huge motion to finish its move. A simple leap backward was enough to avoid it.

However, that wasn't the end of it, the golem immediately moved on to a tackle from its end posture.

(Guess I better Accelerate seeing how wide that thing is. The pressure feels like even a graze would blow me away.)

Afterward I went around the unmoving Golem. With Acceleration, even a huge enemy like this is no big deal.

I dunno whether the golem lost sight of me or not, it went on and plunged itself into the wall, producing a loud booming sound.
The wall cracked like a small meteorite had just collided with it.
Yet the golem itself looked flawless.

"That's a golem for you, gotta be sturdy huh. Now then, what's the next pattern gonna be?"

I wait for the golem's next move like I'm playing a game.
But it slowly walked up to me and made another knuckle hammer attack.
Then another tackle when I dodged it.

(Don't tell me its move set is also traced from the people working here?)

The movement of people pick axing the wall. And people moving dug out soil in a trolley. Just two.
What a disappointment.

(I loved researching CPU move sets in fighting games... But this thing's only got two huh. A pity.)

I walked up to the golem, grabbed its legs and dragged it out of the wall.
Then from there, I wanted to test how strong I am and how much power do I need to hammer throw this golem as I gradually put more strength into it.

But there was no need for any test, I managed to do it right away and so easily. A sombering fact.

As I spun the golem round and round, so was my brain.

(Not only could I easily swing around this heavy mass of rocks, I didn't even break a sweat!? All this monstrous strength and I could control it so well to the point I never have any issue in daily life, how weird is that!?)

And nothing ever goes as I want to while under Acceleration. It's absurd that the 'ordinary' state me actually has a 'monstrous' strength I can control well.
Well, my life would have been a complete disaster if not for that. I guess I should be thankful.

Once I got enough momentum, I threw the golem away in a random direction.
That must have unleashed more energy than the golem's tackle. The golem sunk deep into the wall up to its shoulder.
The sound of the crash was so loud I was afraid the entire cave would collapse.





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