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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 257

257 Gotta Do Away with Negligence and Opening


"Hmm, this is definitely a boss room. The heck. Getting here without a single mistake in the path finding and all in one go, what are you telling me to do here?"

This door is proof that this dungeon has gone through a considerable 'growth'.
Of course. There's no way a formerly underground mine-based dungeon could create this massively thick iron door just like that.
Must have taken many years before it got to this point. However, I am incapable of deciphering the how or why.
There's even a quintessential looking 'Safe Zone' in the form of a blue light circle floating above ground right in front of this door.

"Eeh? Even something like this... Makes you get all the more suspicious instead. What's this anyway? A save point?"

Fantasy this world may be, it's still a reality. Dying would mean that's it folk.
I dunno what's the deal with this blue light circle, but this ain't no game, I could only sigh at it.

"Might be some sorta trap. Better not carelessly step inside."

What's gonna happen if you get inside? Will you get warped somewhere, fall into a pitfall or perhaps you'd get trapped inside forever.
Quite paradoxical how this thing looks familiar to me despite never seeing one in person before.
Games and reality are all mixed up in my head.

(The knowledge I have is all from games, not this world's system or rules. Then I'd better not carelessly touch this thing out of curiosity.)

I decided not to get close to the blue light and touched the double folded door with my hand.
I didn't put any strength into pushing yet the door smoothly and quietly opened up on both sides like it was sliding.

A chill ran down my spine. But I steeled and calmed myself.

"Whatever happens, I've got to enter Acceleration first. And only undo it once I've pulled myself together."

I said out loud to remind myself. However, the inside had the same layout as the first dome I went in earlier. I looked around a bit but I couldn't find anything of note.
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(What a let down... No, wait. There's gotta be something here. It'd be a problem if there weren't. Uh, or not I guess.)

Getting lax invites conceit. Which would bring about an opening and then shock. Shock means no sound mind. Which would result in me running away without using my power again.
I stepped inside while bracing myself. Of course I never noticed the option of not going in.
This could have been postponed until after I found the gramps. Also the fact that there are other blacksmiths aside from the gramps.
My mind was too preoccupied to think that and ended up getting myself in another battle.

Yep, there's no way there was nothing here. I was right. This is the room where the guardian monster that protects Mana Crystallization, this dungeon's creator, resides.
I didn't forget about that fact, yet I absentmindedly walked up to the center of the dome.
That served as some sort of signal as the door behind me flung closed with a shrill sound.

"Ah, a cliche direction. I get it, yeah. Which means next up is where it shows up in a blaze of glory. The boss here I mean. I so get it."

A strong tremor you could mistake for a quake hit the room before I could finish speaking.
A circle of blue light came up of the ground followed by a familiar looking giant figure inside.




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