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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 272

272 With Weapon in Hand...


I left the store with the two seeing me off.

(Still, my effort of swinging that stick for a whole week paid off if Minya couldn't see my iai.)

Thus I walked around while praising myself.
I didn't commission this katana just for my own satisfaction.
The idea is by carrying a weapon around, thugs won't bother me as easily.
It's hard to deny how suspicious I look with a hood and a mantle on along with the katana on my waist.

However, that was naive of me. There's no way I could avoid the fate of being 'dragged in' simply by carrying a weapon.
It just means people who react to me having a weapon, an unusual one like katana at that, will show up instead.
Something I failed to notice due to my good mood.

"Hey you there. That's quite an unusual sword you have. Do you mind if I have a look?"

That voice called out as I walked on a street with many food stalls on the roadsides.
I can't use 'Acceleration' to flee, would have quite a disastrous result if I tried.

(Uu... What now... I'm just here to get some food for lunch and some sightseeing.)

I was feeling so euphoric after getting this katana I completely forgot about my near curse quality of easily getting dragged into trouble.

The owner of that voice walked up close enough I could no longer just ignore him. A 'hot guy' wearing a silver armor, carrying a great sword almost as tall as he is, looking like a mercenary. Despite such heavy equipment, his stride was firm.

"Pardon me, but it's not something I'm willing to readily show to anybody. My apologies, but I must decline."

I had no choice but to respond here, with a firm refusal.
However, the neatly trimmed haired 'hot guy' wouldn't relent.

"Ah excuse my manner. But I just need a quick peek. In fact, I will pay you if you're willing to show me. Not a bad deal, don't you think? Tell me, that's a katana right? It's a really rare weapon, I can't contain my curiosity. What do you say? I hope you reconsider."

"I don't need money. I have plenty. Besides, I will not draw this katana haphazardly, do understand."
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I went harder with my refusal, but the hot guy still wouldn't pull back.

"Then how about a match with me? Seeing as you have that katana, you must be a 'Blademaster', am I wrong? The strong seek strong, or so they say."

(What the hell is that jungle line of thinking... Is this a survival of the fittest world or something?)

"I have no recollection of naming myself this 'Blademaster'. I believe you have a case of mistaken identity."

Knowing I had lost my chance to escape, I tried to end the conversation abruptly. But then, an awfully beautiful woman showed up from behind this hot guy.

"Hey? Then how about joining our dungeon delving party as a temporary member? I mean, you look super strong and all. My intuition is telling me, it must be right~."

(What the heck is this beauty talking about? How'd she jump there? Didn't she listen to our conversation? Is she an idiot?)

I can't even fathom the mental state of someone who'd invite a total stranger they just met that also clearly displayed rejection of them.

The beauty kept going on disregarding my feeling. We had already moved to the roadside before I realized even though I was called in the middle of a crowd.

"You can sell dungeon cores for lots of money! What do you think? Make you wanna get on board right! You can use the chance to show off your power and this guy here get to see that katana thing! To top it off, conquer the dungeon and we'd get our hands on fame and money! Isn't that nice!?"

The blond hair channel kept pressing on without asking me.
This blond haired blue eyed beauty wearing the mage attire from a certain famous RPG had a smug look on her face like, 'I just said good thing!'
<TLN: most likely referring to Dragon Quest.>

(Ah man she looks like the brainlet type... She's not gonna get it even if I said no to her face.)

"I don't need money. I don't need fame. I don't care about your opinion. I decline. I have no obligation to respond to your requests. If you'd excuse me now."

I turned around and tried to walk away only to have a big figure blocking my way.

"What are you guys doing? What's taking so long. We're leaving."

The big man spoke to the hot guy and the beauty while ignoring my presence
Standing in my way, stopping my advance.

"Hey, sorry about that. We're trying to recruit this guy to tackle that recently emerged dungeon in the kingdom."

The big man is carrying a huge shield on his back with an overpowering presence. He's got a clean shaved head, a scar on his cheek and sharp glints in his eyes.

"Fumu, you're strong. I welcome strong men like you. Good to have you around."

I'm gonna correct him for acting like I've agreed to it.
But still, how did they even deem that I'm strong from just a glance? I don't get their reasoning.
Not when I look like a 15 year old lackey who's just come of age no matter the angle.

"You're mistaken, I am not interested in mingling with you guys. I'm not going to that dungeon either. Feel free to go yourselves. Step aside."

I got a bit irritated and said all that to avoid more bother.
I'm getting fed up.

However, yet another new character showed up.
And of course she's wearing the clergy attire from that certain famous RPG.





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