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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 278

278 Members of 'White Fang'


I am greatsword user, Kidd. We're on our way back from testing a new temporary member joining us in the current dungeon delving effort.
I'm getting the chill as we all walk silently save for one girl who keeps muttering to herself.
Why? Because I'm dead afraid the man's mood might worsen up. We've agreed not to inquire his background, so we gotta be careful with our word.
There's no way to keep calm after witnessing a power beyond comprehension like that.

"Was that space magic? Or maybe an ancient yet-deciphered destruction magic? Other possibilities that could do that in an instant would be..."

"Oy oy oy. Give it a rest already, Mary. Did you forget we agreed not to ask further? You want us to end up like that boar?"

Our ranger, Melgis warned our mage, Mary. In whisper.

"Not like I'm asking him though? I'm just making assumptions on my own here, okay."

"And yet that must feel unpleasant to the person in question."

Our shielder, Danku chose his words carefully. He's the man with the sanest common sense among us.

"Please excuse us. I hope you could forgive her."

The one attentively asking that is the center of our party, healer and saint, Firuna.

"Merely hypothesizing is fine. As long as she keeps that to herself."

Thus spoke the person himself. Here, I gotta ask one thing I gotta ask.

"So hey, what should we call you? You haven't told us your name yet."

It seems the man isn't willing to. A silence ran for a bit.

"...I won't disclose my name. Just call me with 'you', or 'hey'."

"O-oh yeah. Got it. Guess the agreement includes your name too."
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I was at my wit's end trying to deal with this highly suspicious individual.
The man was hiding his face deep in his hood from the first time I called out to him. It's still hidden even now.
Reason why Mary needlessly pressed on that.

"Hey? Can't you at least show us your face? I mean we'll be working together even temporary and all, right~?"

I could feel some sort of chill running down for a moment there. Seems like Melgis felt it too.

"I don't intend to expose my face. Sorry. I haven't decided to trust you guys yet."

Even the natural airhead Mary pulled back after getting told off with that penetratingly cold voice.

I have no problem with this man since he can be reasoned with words.
He seems like he can work in a group and respond to words. His background and stuff don't matter at all here.
Thus I sent glances to other members, not to inquire further.

"Look, the kingdom is within sight. We likely will be spending the rest of the day selling the materials."

The tension loosened up after Firuna said that. We've exited the forest.
There's no more need to stay on guard. We all stretched to relax ourselves.
All of us save for one, unknown whether he was aware of it or not.
He surveyed the surroundings in caution.

"Sorry, do you mind coming with us to the store at least? Around 80% of the mats is inside your bag. You wouldn't want to lend your magic bag to a bunch of people you don't trust, would you?"

Danku asked apologetically. However, the man spoke without even looking at Danku.

"This is bad... We're surrounded..."

His word sent us all to maximum alert level.
The gate is still far out in the horizon, but there's never been a case of people getting attacked this close to the town.

"Fufufufu. I have been waiting for you! White Fang! And now! I will have you give up on the dungeon this time through pain! My par~ty~, 'Ring of Light' shall take the conqueror title for ourselves!"

"It's you lot again... you never give up huh. Even I'm getting fed up dealing with you, and attacking now of all time?"

I sighed and groaned at the familiar man. He's in the same trade as us, as well as our enemy.
He brought along people, 15 in total surrounding us all.
We're bracing ourselves for a fight to death.




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