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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 274

274 Swelling Worry


"The dungeon that popped up in this kingdom this time around's apparently some major bad news. Our chance to hit it big! Don't wanna other party conquering it first now, do we?! Why're you guys dilly-dallying here."

(Oou, thanks for the exposition. What a perfect timing, what is this a game? Guess I don't have a choice huh? I gotta get in this dungeon no matter what?)

This thief turning up yet again stopped me from leaving.
He even brought up some worrying remarks like 'dungeon in the kingdom'.

(Are you saying this country's gonna be in big trouble if this dungeon isn't conquered? There's no way right...? No, this isn't a game. Somebody else gonna solve this issue, don't have to be me... Surely.)

Despite wanting nothing but to leave this place, my feet are firmly planted.
Thanks to the 'major bad news' line this thief spouted up.
Ordinarily, adventurers would have gone on to conquer the dungeon like they always do.
Yet the question here is why does this news come to my attention right as I'm here in this kingdom?
All while this adventurer party was trying to recruit me.
Perhaps this 'Destiny' of mine that's more like a 'Curse' is telling me that I must go and conquer this dungeon?
No matter what, regardless of the means. It's gonna make me go in the dungeon.

(What if I kept refusing and it got to a point of 'no return'? Gramps and Minya could be in danger...)

That worrying thought swelled up. Gramps and Minya are living in this Kingdom. I've only known them for a little bit, yet I'd like them to stay out of harm's way.

(The hell... I've been completely 'pigeonholed'...)

A mix of dejection and helpless anger. But there's no object to vent on.

"Fine. I'll go with you guys into the dungeon. But I have conditions. You have to agree to them first."

"Oh, what's with the sudden change of heart? You were really bent on not going just now."

I'm not gonna respond to the hot guy's remark.

"Either you agree or you don't, decide here and now."
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Instead, I said that.
If 'White Fang' declines because of my abrupt change, I'm just gonna head in that dungeon on my own.

"We do. As long as those terms are within an acceptable range to us."

Thus the priestess decided. It seems she holds the veto here, the other members aren't saying anything back.
I continued while thanking her prompt decision inwardly.

"You must not inquire my background. I don't need money or fame. Neither do I want magic gear or tools. I ask nothing back. You must never disclose me to anyone. I don't want to stand out. I'm not here to make friends with you. Once this matter is over and done with, you must not concern yourself with me anymore."

'That's...', they looked like they had something to say to that. All of 'White Fangs' members.
Those terms are my best concessions. Because.

(I could've just gone straight to the deepest part of the dungeon by myself under Accelerated state. But there's no telling what kind of 'Issue' would crop up if I did that. That's why.)

I need these guys to act as my 'cover'.

"I understand. We agree to those terms. Here to a fruitful collaboration."

Her prompt and unfaltering personality must be proof that she's been through a lot. The other members communicated with eye contacts while remaining silent after the priestess made the decision.
That's enough to tell me that this priestess is the focal point of this party. Their leader.
However, there's something that needs to be verified first. Which is.

"Show us your strength. That's the only term we ask you."

The big man spoke.

"I can tell strong men from experience. But I still need to see it for myself. Mind showing us what you've got?"

"He's right, you know! I mean we're gonna put our lives on the line, I have to know in what way you're strong for the teamwork to work! I'm gonna get stressed out if I can't bombard my enemies with my magic!"

Forget idiotic, the beauty mage outed herself as a deranged person.

"Then, how about we all go hunting in the forest now? Not like we can head straight in the dungeon like this anyway. Might as well check out his strength first. Right, guys?"

Looks like the hot guy has a carefree personality.
Thief looked like he couldn't believe it.

"How often do you think that happy-go-lucky attitude of yours landed us in hot waters huh? Well, gotta admit that same attitude saved us just as often though."

Apparently the hot guy's behavior has its plus and minus, but that's got nothing to do with me.

"Got it. What do you people seek out of me."

Strength isn't the only thing required when you're fighting together as a party.
I'm asking them what my 'role' is going to be.




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