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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 271

271 Might


The art of sword drawing or 'batto jutsu'. The so called 'iai'.
I lowered my posture and twisted my body a bit. Recalling the sensation I had during my time at the dojo I frequented in the past.

(We had to slice cardboard back then... Sure takes me back...)

I took a breath and quickly let it out.
At the same time, I drew the katana and slashed once at the log.
But that wasn't the end of it. I did a 'reverse slash' upward at the end of the first slash.
Not yet. This time I held the katana above my head and swung it down with both hands.

Continued alertness the moment you draw your weapon. This is important in martial arts. You gotta keep up your stance to anticipate counterattack.
Getting caught off guard in this world means death, it's almost a necessity here.

But the two who should have witnessed my movement remained silence.
It's because the state of the log is a reminiscence of when a certain 'Goemon's companion cut steel.

The log didn't move even an inch while I was cutting it. After a moment it crumbled down just like that.

"The heck... Real terrifyin' stuff I went and forged... And yer', ya a 'Blademaster' or somethin'?""

"I couldn't see a thing... What just happened? There were three flashes and then you already had the katana drawn, then...? It got cut... eh?"

I took another breath and put the katana back in its sheath.
I did not enter Acceleration state. Which must be the reason why Minya was able to perceive the three blue flashes. Must have been the trails from me swinging the katana.

Shing! The two came back to their sense after that metallic sound. It's the satisfying sound produced when a katana gets put back in its sheath. The fact that it made this cool sound improved my mood as well.

(But man, 'amazing' just doesn't cut it. I didn't even feel a resistance there. Didn't think it could cut a log the size of two adults so cleanly like this.)

"Yer'... No, I mean so? How's it? Yer' impression..."

The cross sections are absolutely flawless. There's not even a splinter, everything has been neatly split. No 'mark' anywhere to be seen.
Gramps must have been at a loss for words despite knowing this was a weapon he forged.

"Oh man, how can this sheath even hold back this super sharp blade?"
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Realizing the tension wasn't going away for a bit, I asked that jokingly.
It's got this black lustrous surface with a sticky feeling on hand. The sheath also has a gleaming azure luster to it.

"Ah, I made that with mithril s' well. Got enchanted with magic too. Thing's more than sturdy. Don't ya worry a thing. No, that ain't it. Who the heck are ya really?"

Figured he'd ask that. In general, most people who got involved with me always threw that one out.
But I don't plan to give an answer.

"A kind young man who came to your rescue, gramps. Won't that suffice?"

Minya giggled at this, 'Fufufu'.
Gramps stared in wonder before speaking.

"Sorry 'bout that. The hell I'm thinkin' questioning my lifesaver. That don't matter here anyway."

"This katana is just incredible. I can't find the word, just that it's so awesome."

I lack the vocabulary to express it well, but that was my honest feeling.
Gramps looked overjoyed to hear that.

"Tell me 'bout it! Can't believe I coulda make something like that, can't believe someone so strong like ya's gonna wield that!"

"You have my gratitude gramps. So, how much is it..."

"I'mma stop ya there! Ya ain't about 'ta cough up even a speck of sand 'fer me! Heck, I shoulda been payin' ya!"

Gramps rejected me when I was about to pay him.
I mean it's only fair to pay for his service. But he told me they couldn't have prepared the change from that lump of mithril alone.

"You've saved my ass. Just think of this as one token of my appreciations. And that ain't all. I'mma take in all yer requests free of charge from now on. Yers gonna be top priority even if I got other orders lined up. Least I could do. Payment? Hell with that! I ain't shameless enough to ask that from our savior!"

"We have been truly in your debt. We will never forget it for the rest of our lives. In fact, please allow us to keep supporting you from now on."

Looks like that lump of mithril was just that big a deal to make them go this far.





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