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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 273

273 But There's No Escape!


"Please accept my apologies for my companions' brusque manners. We are an adventurer party, 'White Fang'."

Nobody asked and yet this very picture of a priestess introduced their party while bowing.

"We are currently looking for a capable individual to help us conquer a dungeon. Would you be willing to join 'White Fang' as a hired hand? We have prepared a large sum as an advance payment. The completion reward is quite an amount as well."

I pondered over her word. Not about money. But how they kept coming one after another despite my refusal.
Right after I refused the hot guy, the beauty showed up which I denied as well, then just as I was about to leave, the big man stood in my path.
Adding insult to injury, the priestess came out and invited me.

(The firmer I rejected them, more and more of them showed up and the more persistent they got... Could this be?)

The four party members of 'White Fang' stared at me, seemingly under the impression that their solicitation was going well when I fell silent.

(I'd probably get caught in an additional 'Event' even if I rejected them here... Willing or not, I'm gonna get dragged into this problem somewhere even if I manage to escape here... That's the hunch I have. Then I should.)

"What is an adventurer? Also, I'm not a mercenary. I'm honored you went out of your way to invite me, but I will have to decline."
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I chose rejection until the end. I mean, these guys are still total strangers to me.
My mood has worsened because of this, and just when I was feeling good from obtaining the katana.
I just can't bring myself to help them. My mental state isn't like that time I decided to help Minya.
Now that I'm irritated, I'm sure I won't regret this decision.

But thanks to that small question I threw out, I couldn't escape the conversation.
Yep, I know mercenaries. But what's an adventurer?

"You don't know that? Let's see, if mercenaries offer their 'force' in commissions in exchange for money. Then adventurers' work is to conquer dungeons."

The hot guy gave a simple explanation.

"Like I told you before, you can get rich quick if you bring a dungeon core out, but there's also lots of treasure chests you can find in a dungeon! And gold isn't the only thing inside those chests, plenty of magic equipment and magic gear to go around too! Even legendary grade stuff, amazing right!"

The seemingly dimwitted beautiful mage got in a high tension.

"Precisely. Those who seek such things delve in dungeons. Undaunted of danger. They are people who go on an adventure. Adventurers."

The big man finished with deep words.

"That's not all. If a dungeon isn't swiftly dealt with, the monsters inside will multiply unchecked until they overflow outside. This could result in enormous casualty. Whenever a dungeon is found, it must be destroyed at once. Each country manages and offers reward for this. Adventurer Guild exists to aid adventurers in their efforts."

The priestess had a serious look as she described that as a 'mission'.
Looks like the money and fame also comes with heavy responsibility. Not to mention the risk to your life.

"Appreciate the explanation. Well then, I'll take my leave here."

At the four's passionate speech, I turned around and attempted to make my exit only to have it hindered yet again.
I lost my chance to escape again just because I threw that adventurer question without thinking.

(Why... Are you really not going to let me skip this, 'event'...)

"Oy, what the hell are you guys up to! We're running way behind schedule! Quit slacking around!"

The man has a bandana wrapped on his head, multiple knives strapped on his waist, and a light chest protector made of leather as well as other tools, the very picture of a 'Thief' class.




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