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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 269

269 One Week


I'm at the 'Dragon's Back' inn. The same inn I stayed the other day.
I booked a room for one week and went inside.
The innkeeper asked as I was paying, 'Here to sightsee?', which I confidently replied with a lie 'Yes that's right'.
That's not gonna hurt my conscience. It's just a white lie that harms nobody. It's fine.

"Haa, finally time for myself. Now then, suppose I stay put for the entire week, how should I weather this storm."

I've decided on it already. Practice swinging to fill my time. A training to get myself ready to wield a katana.
I'll be swinging a stick of wood all day for a week. Quietly and secretly as to not invite suspicion from other guests.
But I can't keep escaping reality like this. Yep, this is all for the sake of avoiding people.
So far, every single time I finished settling a matter, a new 'mess' would always crop up.
Even I'd notice that by now.

"Now then, what's the next gonna be I wonder... I'm absolutely cursed, am I... hahaha."

I let out a dry laugh before grabbing a piece of wood out of magic bag.
Going on a sightseeing tour outside will absolutely land me in trouble. I took a swing and resolved myself to not set foot out of the inn.
I couldn't help but smiling wryly at such an asinine resolve, but no pain no gain. I don't wanna think anything now for the sake of my mental health.
That day I did nothing but swinging the wooden sword until nightfall.

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I'm amazed at myself for managing to go through this past week despite all the doubtful glances from other guests and getting called out by the worried innkeeper.
No way around it though, I was weird. After all, I did not so much as took a step outside the inn.
I would have meals in the morning, noon and evening on the first floor. During times when people were sparse because I didn't want to get in a quarrel. From experience, I just knew I would have gotten in one that would then develop into a bigger mess.
Hence why I shut myself in my room swinging the wooden sword during all other time.
I'm fully aware how weird I was. Were someone label me an oddball, I wouldn't find a word to argue back.
But this is the only way. I'm just so done with trouble. Also there's the thing with katana.
As I was fully preoccupied with that, Chimera came back before I realized. It just slept all day without even taking meals, maybe it had its fill with all those orcs from that time. That conclusion came after watching how it didn't even budge when I brought its meal in the room and put it next to it.

After some time, someone visited my room. It's Minya.

"Long time no see. I'm here to tell you that your katana is done. What would you like to do? Will you collect it right away? Or would you like to take your time? Or perhaps you would like to have me bring it here?"

"Aah, I'm gonna check out this inn and go grab it myself now. Thank you for coming all this way."

Minya seemed to be in quite a good mood. Of course she would. After all, not only did they settle their debt, they pretty much became a billionaire overnight.
I'm not particularly bothered giving them the mithril whole. Cause I knew that was out of my depth.
I don't have the skill to make good use of that mithril nor do I know a channel to sell it off. I do want money, but I'm not a money grubber. I'm confident that much money wouldn't be put to good use in my hand. Guess it's proof that I still don't get sense of value in this world.

Minya kept saying her thanks on our way to her shop. Along with some suspicion.

"Truly, how could we ever repay you? I still can't understand just who are you, no, what are you thinking doing so much for us. Not only the problem with debt is no more, the money from that mithril alone is enough for us to live comfortably for the rest of our lives. I mean, I am truly grateful for that... but..."

Looks like she can't simply say 'thank you'. I get her though.
If a jobless man with no home address did that out of nowhere to me, I would also question their sanity. Is it some sort of scheme? Would be the normal reaction. I mean I never even told them my name.

"Well just think of it as you having used up all your luck in this lifetime."

I wanted to yell at myself, 'Who do you think you are!', but Minya took my word seriously and laughed.

"Fufufufu. I suppose you're right. Remember what I told you before? You don't look like a bad person to me. Yes, I suppose I'll take your word for it."

I could only laugh, 'Hahaha', at her reply as we arrived at the store.




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