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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 277

277 Exchange


Sure enough, they barraged me with questions... Or not.
Why? Because they still can't process what just took place before their eyes.
I had moved far away from the magic beast when I undid Acceleration so they're unable to connect the dots. 'There's no way he could have done it from so far' or something.

The magic beast had its completely stripped out pelt spread on the ground with its meat and mats on top of it, not touching the ground.

"...Hey, are we dreaming?"
"I know I lured that thing here and all... Never imagined that humongous boar showing up though, I was going to call for a retreat..."
"I got no traps that'd work with something that massive... Gotta admit I misjudged..."
"Yep yep, not even I was sure my super special magic's gonna work on that big boy~. But can anybody explain to me how'd it get so cleanly cut apart? I mean, I blinked and it was already like this, how?"
"Judging from the situation, that man must have done this. However, I do not comprehend. How was he able to cut down such a gigantic magic beast in but a moment? And in such a precise and fine manner like this..."

These people have no choice but to accept that I did it.
However, as they saw no proof nor saw how it actually happened, they could only surmise from the situation.

"We would likely meet our end had we come across this beast without him around..."

The other members nodded with a pale face at the priestess's word.

"Hey, so this is all yours. In exchange, I want you to keep everything you saw here to yourselves. What do you say?"

I put forward this deal to the still pale faced 'White Fang'.

"Oy... So you're saying this was your doing?"

The hot guy asked, I reminded him what our goal was coming here.

"Aren't we here to check my strength? Is this not good enough?"

We came all the way to this woods for that. Mission complete.
But it'd be a pain if they spread news about me afterward, hence the gag deal.

"Ooh, all this stuff gonna fetch handsomely~ I mean just look at these fangs! Have you ever seen a mat this flawless? Hyaa~, and there's so much meat, and the pelt's perfectly unscathed, can't wait to cash this out~!"

The mage is getting excited at the prospect of selling the magic beast mats.

"Well... I am not against 'keeping silent' if you're willing to hand over this much to us."
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The big man accepted while putting his greatshield on his back.

"I woulda keep silent even if he gave us nothing. Dunno what's the deal with the magic beast, but I can't imagine us putting up any resistance if he went for us. There ain't no correct answer 'side from 'yes'."

The thief took his knife and started sorting out the mats as he said that.

"We have invited a terrifyingly powerful man to join us it seems. I do not believe you are a bad person. However, I can only shiver at the thought of having you as an opposition..."

Meanwhile, the priestess looked shaken.

"We have a deal then yeah? Ah, do you have a magic bag? Wrappings for the meat?"

"Yeah, we have the smallest one, but uh don't think it'd fit this all..."

The hot guy grabbed a small pouch on his waist.
All the members started putting meat into that pouch.

"Yep, it's full right away. You got a magic bag? If you do, can we borrow some space inside?"

All the 'White Fang' members looked at me. They obviously wanna turn as much of this freebies into money.
Well, guess it'd be a pain if they had to bring the rest on their back or something.
Even just carrying the pelt, fangs and stuff would be a laborious task.
I decided to help here. All of the mats are part of the deal after all.

"Got it. I'll carry the rest with mine. You guys help putting them in."

My magic bag's already got lot of stuff inside and yet it kept taking in all the mats one by one without any issue.

(Man, I can never get used to how it looked whenever you put stuff inside...)

I was feeling sick while the White Fang members were surprised to see the mats kept going inside with no problem.

"Well dang. The highest grade bag huh? Just who are you... No, we agreed not to probe. My bad."

The thief immediately stopped asking when he recalled.

"Don't worry about it. I get how you just can't contain the urge to ask sometimes."

The thief replied back, 'I'm gonna be careful next time'.

And once all the material was inside my bag, I thought to myself.

(Highest grade... Eltros? And he even gave us three of this thing? Eh? How much is this bag anyway?)

I got a bit of a stomach cramp after realizing the truth of those bags here of all place.




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