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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 276

276 Of Course, It Is


The magic beast is heading straight at me while tearing apart all trees in its path.
Normally, bumping into something will slow you down and the magic beast has been crashing into many trees, uprooting and blowing them away.
And yet there's no sign of it slowing down in the slightest.

(Oh man... How am I supposed to deal with this mammoth...)

My katana is unlikely to deal a fatal strike. Blades can only cut as long as they reach.
I don't think just slashing at this gigantic boar is gonna do a thing.

(That is unless I'm under Accelerated state.)

Yes, I'm currently in Accelerated state. Simply slicing and dicing this magic beast into a mincemeat would be a simple matter.

(Might as well use this chance to muzzle these guys too...)

Just killing the beast is not hard. But I can imagine the 'White Fang' members barraging me with questions afterward, it'll be a total pain in the ass.

(Heck, I'll go ahead and dismantle the thing while I'm at it, why not.)

Why'd I agree to temporary join 'White Fang' I'd even go this far?
That's because I have never delved in an actual dungeon.
So far the dungeons I stepped into was one, a goblin cave that hadn't 'evolved' yet.
The second one was a relatively complex maze-turned mine.

(The dungeon that emerged in the Kingdom this time must be an 'authentic' one. I mean it's even got adventurers, pros involved.)

I have no 'know how' on this kind of dungeons. Except the ones you see in games in my past life.
This is reality, not an RPG. 'This ain't no game!' or something.
I need these guys' wisdom, techniques and experience to compensate for my shortfall.

(And yet, I'm confident this Accelerated state can take me to the deepest part of the dungeon just fine.)

That's the brute force way which I won't hesitate to resort to if it comes down to it.
But now that I've made a 'connection' with this 'White Fang' party, going along with them in this dungeon conquering activity is probably the best course of action.

(No thanks to all those obstructions popping up whenever I tried to escape.)
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I've been dismantling the magic beast all while thinking all that.

The boar beast was in a leaping position toward me, so I cut its belly in a straight line from below.
After which, I carefully stripped its leather from the meat.
Then I divided the meat from the intestines.

Once I was done with the simple processing, I undid Acceleration.
Of course that was after I fled far away to avoid all the inbound blood sprays.

SPLASH! That sound came up for an instant and then oh wow.
A dismantled giant boar is laying there on the ground.

(When I'm in Accelerated state, sharpness doesn't matter at all...)

I've got a katana and all now but in Accelerated state, it doesn't matter what kind of blade I use, there's no difference.




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