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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 275

275 Entirely Altogether


"That will be decided after we have taken a close look on your capability."

Afterward, we departed the kingdom for a nearby forest.
It's supposedly a tranquil forest that only spawns magic beasts every few years, nevertheless dangerous beast do occasionally show up without warning.
We're currently in the cycle of that magic beast spawn.

(Of course, it is. It's definitely coming out. Am I right? Then it doesn't matter what I do, this party's gonna acknowledge me in the end.)

Inwardly, I did think I was jumping the gun on this dungeon conquering business, but it's too late to pull back now.
I mean, I could have just run away here if I were being selfish.
But I'm not courageous enough to do that.

(Even if I tried to quit here, something would without a doubt pop up to block my path.)

I actually made several attempts to escape on our way to this forest. Sneakily at that since I didn't have the nerve.
Like slowing down my pace, or naturally distancing myself from this party. And yet, whenever I did that, they'd call out or start talking to me, giving me no chance.
Not just that, so many obstacles popped up at the most exquisite timings as if there is some sort of power at work here.
One time, a food stall old man suddenly called out as I stopped moving, this party would go on to buy food from that stall. Mostly the beautiful mage. She's running for the glutton character spot on top of being the deranged type.
Another time, just when I thought I finally managed to separate from them, a line of people waiting to enter some famous store formed.
All these obstacles just came out of nowhere whenever I second guessed my decision to join them on a condition.
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And now we've arrived at the forest.
It's obvious what's coming next. 'The magic beast not showing up' is absolutely not happening.

Magic beasts only show up once every few years in this forest, and the time now is conveniently during one such cycles. As someone who's never far from troubles and mess, me just being here ensures the magic beast is 100% going to show up.

We got quite deep into the forest when the big man muttered 'This place looks good' and took a stance.
He grabbed a short spear and started beating it on his great shield.
Producing very loud noise. Way too loud.

(What're you doing!? Keep that up and... Ah, I see, that's the idea huh...)

I got it. Rather than going around trying to find the thing, he's making the magic beast come our way instead.
All this noise must be irritating. Small animals around here can be seen scattering everywhere.
It's echoing quite far into the forest, I can see animals fleeing in the distance.

I've accepted that there is no escape.

(Ah come to think of it, I haven't hunted in a while... I wanna shoot stuff with a bow. I miss hunting with dad...)

You can't blame me for trying to escape reality. I mean I can see a gigantic figure heading this way.
It's charging right toward the source of this annoying noise. The big man has stopped making sound, yet the magic beast isn't stopping, clearly furious with its red eyes and loud snorts.

"Ah, this takes me back. That's the same boar I hunted on the last day at the village."

However, this one is about twice as big as that.
The size is even more striking up close.

(Why'd it always end like this every single time... Can't you just please leave me alone...)

The magic beast is rushing straight not at the man making all the noise, but me.

"How cursed am I anyway..."

As I resigned to my fate, I entered 'Acceleration' and went around the charging magic beast.




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