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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 270

270 Miscalculation, Positive One


"Ou! Yer' here! Come 'ere, over here! To the backyard!"

Gramps was waiting in front of the store and said that.

"? Why the backyard? Ah, right."

I got what he meant right away. Led by Minya, we walked to a relatively spacious backyard.

"Gramps, looks like you've lost some weight, are you gonna be fine?"

"Nothin' to it! Ya see me like this whenever I got a blood pumpin' work goin'!"

Not sure why gramps spoke like it's Edo period, I'll just ignore that.

"Alright! I put my very soul into this blade! Have a look yerself."

I drew the katana he handed me.

At first, I was captivated by the beauty. There's this mist wave pattern on its gleaming azure blade.
You just can't put this beauty into words. Heck, it's a work of art fitting in a museum.

"Gramps... This is, damn... Is this really a katana?"

This was far beyond what I expected even as the commissioner.
Next to me, Minya is looking enthralled as well.

"So beautiful... I had no idea a katana was this breathtaking..."

I wanted to retort Minya here, 'Nope you're kinda mistaken', however, I couldn't deny the breathtaking part.

"Got an old acquaintance o' mine to sharpen that y'see. Guy's got the same reaction you had. Also got a veteran take care of enchanting. Ya bet he went ooh aah-ing 's well."

Even the gramps could only go, 'HAHAHA', at his own work.
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"On top of that, guy even put an additional 'Sharpness' enchant to it."

I reminded gramps that wasn't the specs I asked him.

"What? But I asked you to give this katana 'Unbreakable' magic enchant, remember?"

Turned out there was a miscalculation, a positive one.

"Well yeah, it's got that too. But y'see? That magic enchanter y'see? He put as much mana as he could for 'Indestructible' trait. But turned out this mithril katana's got enough room for one more enchant, 'course I got 'im to add more!"

Gramps continued his explanation while grinning.

"What do you mean? Why do you look so happy?"

"'Course I do! Listen well lad! Mithril takes in magic well 'fer sure. But, one object one enchant is the unbroken rule. And yet! This katana took in two of 'em! D'ya know what that means!? This is unprecedented! S'why I told that magic enchanter to keep quiet. Can ya believe I made something this amazing!? Ya bet I'm on cloud nine!"

So he said about telling people to keep quiet while blabbering himself, I'm worried.

"I see. I get why you prepared this thick log for the blade test."

Minya finally spoke here after coming out of shock.

"Gramps! What's all this about!? Forget amazing, this is way way more!? Aren't dual enchants national treasure grade... no! Legendary grade!?"

Hearing Minya, all I could think was about how grading exists in any world.
Guess it fits with this fantasy world.
Otherwise, I'm never gonna stop getting surprised by every little thing.
I mean my existence is a like foreign matter here. And besides, that kind of thing is classic in fantasy settings, it's not something to be surprised about.

"Watch closely now gramps. You'll see how incredible this blade you smith."

I'm so excited I feel like a kid who's been given a new toy.

(Didn't expect to get something this wonderful. Time to take it for a spin.)

I slowly put my hand on the hilt and faced the log.





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