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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 279

279 And Of Course the Classic


What are these men talking about anyway? I turned and spoke to the hot guy.

"Are these men the 'same' as you lot? Yet he's speaking like he's in a bandit gang?"

"Haa~. These guys have been nothing but a thorn on our side, persistently pestering us since forever."

The hot guy sighed as he said that. He looked nervous though.

"I know you still don't have the backing of a noble even now! I'm taking this chance to crush you! Once you eyesores are gone, 'Ring of Light' will finally shower in all the fame!"

The provocative man made a grandstanding speech on his own while spreading his arms open.
The big man of White Fang replied like he was looking at a filth.

"Ah, Barid. So I heard you've got yourself a noble supporter now. Marquis Alestain was it? Infamous for resorting to any means if it gives him reputation."

"I sure am. The good marquis shall make this matter a 'non-thing', you see? Hahahaha! Do you get it now? It's finally time for you all to kneel before me! Kidd, Danku, Melgis, Firuna, Mary!"

The provocative man, Barid locked eyes with the owner of the names as he enumerated them.
The next line from people like this is almost always a classic.

"Oh but I might find it in my heart to forgive you if you put your head on the ground where they belong. Come now! Surrender to me! Ah, Firuna, Mary? You can skip that if you join my clan. I welcome you with open arms! You're gonna pick the painless route, won't you~?"

Looks like I can classify this Barid guy as a boor with the nasty way he looked at the two women.

"It seems to me those people you have there are on the 'shady' side of things. You must have hired those lowlifes through back channels. There is nothing more abhorrent than having such foul individuals come close to me."
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Firuna replied with biting words. Mary followed with the same sentiment.

"There's no~ way I'm gonna listen to you! Are you an idiot? I'd rather die than serve an incompetent miser like you!"

Hearing them, Barid spoke while twitching seemingly losing his nerve.

"A-are you sure? I-I'll make you eat those words i-if you don't obey me here."

That's akin to threatening to violate them. I loathe scums like him.
It's 15 vs 6 in term of numbers. Guess that makes him confident. He has an overwhelming advantage after all.
But these guys kept talking like they didn't see my strength.
I'm at my limit.

"So hey? Are we allowed to hand down punishment to these men like bandits they are? Or should we capture and tow them to the authority?"

All the people here turned their line of sight at me like I was an ornament that suddenly gained ability to speak.
Two kind of gazes, one that's looking at me like I'm a clueless fool, another which says, 'Oh crap'.

"Guessing it's okay to dispatch all of them besides that Barid guy huh? We're running out of time to sell the mats. It's fine right?"

The 'White Fang' trembled to hear me while Barid's groupie started insulting me.

"Ha! I dare you try! Dunno who the crap ya think you are. Us 'Will-o-Wisp' gonna flatten you, hahahaha!"

Melgis was surprised when he heard the bandit gang's name. Along with the worst information.

"It can't be, the marquis has a crime syndicate under his control... This is bad..."

So that's how the marquis is planning to make what happens here a 'non-thing'.

"Aah, every single one of these types that get in my way, always the worst bunch of scumbags. I've had enough already..."

Kidd had a startled look seemingly hearing my whisper. But it's too late.
None of the bandits tried to stop me as I approached them. Not like I could be stopped though.

'SHING!' one of the bandits' head fell down along with the sound of katana getting put back into its sheath. It's my doing.

"Ah, that was a pretty rough swing... Oh well. There's still plenty to go."

I'm not using Acceleration. I simply walked up to the nearest bandit and swung my katana.
However, none of them seemed to witness it, nobody moved or even turned to look at me even after the headless body fell down the ground.
Only looking around restlessly, as if they had no clue that they are the next in line.

(Hm? Is the art of Iai not well known in this world? Make sense I guess. Even katana itself is unusual.)

That fact is complemented with a couple more facts I'm not aware of. In that how this katana is 'too sharp'.
And how it is a magic weapon.




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