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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 267

267 Idle Talk Two 'Emperors'


"I see you are here. Come, sit and be at ease."

Two people timidly sat down on the sofa.

"What is it that you need to talk about with us two?"

"Father, why would you call us?"

The two's doubt is only natural. The emperor personally invited them after all.
It's anyone's guess what it's about.
Because the two invitees are the first prince Albert and the princess Reikana.
It's pretty much impossible to foresee the topic that necessitate these two.

"It pertains a matter with the next emperor."

Reikana replied to Bardos's word.

"But why would you need me for that? Does that mean this matter touch upon not only Albert-niisama, but me as well?"

It must be her 'intuition' at work. The emperor remained silent for a bit before resuming.

"I shall explain in order. The next emperor will be you, Albert. Strive to become a pillar of this empire toward a new height of prosperity."

Albert stood right up and replied with a strong determination.

"Yes your majesty! Here I vow to exert my all in sincerity and lead our people to prosperity, father."

And then he bowed.

"Come now, take it down a notch. An emperor you may be, you're also only human. Keep yourself stretched up and you'll break soon enough. Know when to relax. Make sure to give it your hardest when it's time to play."

Bardos gave that advice with a hearty laugh, 'Hahaha'.
Albert had a 'Mumumu?' look like he couldn't get it.

"Well, it's not yet the time. Keep that resolve with you but stay relaxed. We still have a lot to talk about. Sit down."

The table had high class cups of tea wafting a nice fragrant served. They had a drink before Bardos resumed.

"I shall remain an emperor for a longer while. Our conversation here is not a formal one. Just think of it as my individual discretion. Nobody knows what the future holds. This is but an insurance, not for public consumption."

The relaxed Albert who had quenched his thirst asked the emperor.

"But why would you invite Reikana as well then?"

"Albert, that is because I'm well aware of the sides you're lacking."
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Albert frowned and looked at Bardos in silence.

"Oh drop that scowl now. You're a good leader but that is limited to peaceful times. You do not possess the caliber to respond to emergencies in decisive manners. Reikana will compensate that for you."

Albert's expression loosened up, admitting that fact.
Reikana hadn't said a word thus far. She kept her expressions static as well.

"What would you like me to do, father."

"Reikana, I have full knowledge of everything you know. It has been quite splendid indeed. Use your power to support Albert. Lervi's secret service will serve under you. Support this empire behind the scene."

Right after he said that, a figure suddenly showed up in the room.

"Your wish is my command, Reikana-sama. You may be aware already, but allow me to introduce myself. I am the head of secret service. Lervi."

It's the same Lervi who was promoted from vice commander to commander of knights.
Reikana couldn't hide her surprise with her eyes open wide.
Same goes for Albert. They're at a loss for words.

"This guy works directly under the emperor. I've caused him a fair share of trouble. Do you get what I'm saying now? Albert you're in charge of the surface. Reikana you're working under the surface. Make this empire flourish together."

"Father!? Won't this cause a problem? This may lead to secret service turning on the emperor."

"Indeed, that is one possible scenario, as such Reikana. I must ask you your resolve."

The emperor stared straight at Reikana. Reikana stared back at this pressuring gaze without backing down, like she's been ready all this time.

"Father. I never shirk away from my obligations as a noble. I have borne this resolve with me all my life."

"Then it's settled. There is this magic that bonds two in a contract exclusive to royalties. By making this contract, you two will no longer betray one another."

"I've never heard of such a magic. Father, is it 'safe'?"

"You two decide on that. Mutual trust is indispensable for this contract. There will be no issue so long as you two share the 'direction' you're heading. I shan't interject a word, both of you have full prerogative over your decisions."

Albert couldn't conceal his bewilderment. Reikana readily affirmed however.

"I will never betray my 'Righteousness'. Don't you suppose onii-sama should simply stay true to his 'Righteousness' as well?"

"Fumu? Is that why you took that 'Black Clad' under you? O Reikana."

The emperor's word caught Reikana off guard. She had no idea he knew about the black hair black eyed man.

"How do you know about that, father...?"

"Like I told you earlier, I have full knowledge. That includes the elves. Taken a new shine on Lervi's service yet?"

Bardos looked jubilant like he just succeeded a prank.
Albert who had no idea what they were talking about asked.

"So, is there anything you want us do father?"

"Albert, you will study under me, what it means to be an 'emperor'. Reikana will learn 'things' under Lervi. Get ready to get busy, you two."

The two bowed, 'We shall do our utmost', finishing the conversation.

"Until tomorrow then. You are dismissed."

Thus the two next generation 'Emperors' stood up, and bowed before exiting the room.
Leaving only Bardos and Lervi.

"The future sure looks bright. They are both such capable people."

"They're still far from complete. But the future cleaved by their hands together should bring us all to a yet unseen form of this empire. You're right indeed, the future looks bright, I'm already looking forward to it."

『Thus new emperors were born that day. Afterward, Bardos remained an emperor for 15 years before Albert took over the throne. Working together with Reikana, they ruled over the empire and bring an unprecedented age of prosperity, their rule became known as the 'Golden Age' in the annals of history. None of them were aware at this point of time.』




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