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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 259

259 Lax On Off


BOOM! The rock burst open with that loud sound. My fist had blown away the flying rock.
I flapped my hand to check if it was hurt anywhere.

"Haa haa haa... Dammit... Completely lost my jet there."

I've already checked the extent of my strength on my way here.
This body is capable of exerting an unbelievable amount of power. Matched by sturdiness that can withstand such output.
If not for that, this body would have popped open the moment I tried to utilize that incredible strength.

After finally recalling that, a question came up in my head.

(But then why did that rolling boulder fragment hurt me? Is it an issue with my awareness, on/off thing?)

I pushed that small yet likely important question to the recess of my mind and looked at the golem which had taken a crouching start-like stance, seemingly ready to launch itself at me.
The blue stripe lines on its whole body are pulsing like screaming, 'I'm amassing power here'.

(It's gonna do something for sure. Wonder what?)

This is one of my bad habit. Wait and see. I could have easily ended it here and then with one stroke of my blade, but now that I had regained my composure, I got curious on the golem's next action.

The golem slowly stood up and spread both its arms wide, and then from what seemed to be its face part, a large cavity slid open.


The golem unleashed a tremendous impact along with that thunderous roar. The vibrating wave hit the surrounding area and rushed in on me while pulverizing stones along the way.

"Destructive vibrating wave!? This could get ugly!"

I immediately regretted my laxness and entered Accelerated state. The wave stopped right in front of my nose.
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(That was close... Gotta get in gear. Otherwise it's my life at risk... How could I forget something so basic...)

I noticed how lacking my sense of crisis was due to hosting this power.
As I strongly reflected on that, I javelin threw my sword aiming for the golem's mouth.
Under Acceleration, objects that leave my hand stop dead in their tracks and only start moving after I undo the state.
I took a distance away from the vibrating wave before that.

BOOM! That was the sound of my sword penetrating through the golem and going deep into the wall behind it.
The golem's head was already lost by the time that sound could be heard. It must have been utterly pulverized into dust.
The golem fell on its knees before slowly falling down entirely.
After a loud thud, the golem stopped moving altogether.

"...Did that take care of it? Those blue stripes aren't pulsing anymore and all. It's over huh..."

I realized how tense I was here. After all, I just came out of a head-on clash with something 'dangerous'.
The first time the idea of being peerless with this power by my side has been challenged.
You can have the strongest power in the world but a single strike could still prove fatal if it hit the right spot.

"Now then, time to find out what's hiding in the back."

After defeating the golem here, I had completely forgotten about the gramps as I moved my legs deeper inside.




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