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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 258

258 Weakness of Heart


It was the golem that spawned in the first dome I came into here. I waited for a bit but didn't see any other monster spawning.

"...It's not, the same is it. I mean it's pulsing blue and all. Pretty obvious."

So there it was the golem in all its glory but it wasn't budging at all. I kept observing it as the blue pulse gradually turned into blue strip lines all over its body.

"Hmmm, this must be... that right?"

The golem started moving in my direction right after.
It stopped in front of me and did the same old knuckle hammer move in an attempt to crush me.
I dodged that by leaping backward of course.

(The same pattern huh... boring. Let's get this over and done with.)

I drew my sword as I thought that, but something wasn't right. I was planning to counter the golem's tackle in Acceleration state yet it wouldn't come at me.
To begin with, this golem isn't even the same golem as before.
Thinking that it was weird for it to not proceed into the tackle move set was a mistake to begin with.

This place is most likely a boss room. So of course this golem can't be the same as previous golem.
The golem slowly stood back to initial stance and soccer ball kick-ed at me.

"Uwoo!? The hell this thing's trying pull?"
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It's like how you kick pebbles on the ground. It must have been traced from people working in this mine as well.
I couldn't afford to ruminate that at the time as I took several steps back away from the golem. Panicking because the golem didn't share the same pattern.
But that was another bad move. The golem went closing in with a tackle.

Losing my cool yet again, I forgot to use my power and leaped to the side instead.
This body hosts incredible strength thus I likely could have stopped this attack even without Acceleration, but my mind couldn't think straight at this time, even after so many 'adventures' in this world.
The resolve I had before entering this room came to waste.
For once, I simply lacked the experience in this kind of fight.

My mind set was that of playing a game. Resulting in panic when things even slightly went off course.
Must be proof of me still not accepting this reality. Representing that was how I retreated about ten meters away from the golem.

"Lost it there... Gotta take a breath. Calm down me..."

Just as I started to regain my footing, the golem made its next move.
Its hands are holding a huge rock. Already in motion to throw it.

"Time out! Time out! Time out!"

The huge rock was already flying toward me by that point.


I wouldn't have forgotten to use 'Acceleration' if I were of sound mind. But I was feeling helpless by the fact that I was alone here which had a not insignificant impact on my mental.
Guessing that must be why? I kept flailing my fists around at the flying rock in total disarray.





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