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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 256

256 Weakness


The damage the golem took was seemingly enough to cause its rock body crumble down.
Each of the falling rocks made quite an impact as it fell down the ground due to their size.
They emitted blue particles of lights all the while before the golem eventually stopped moving altogether.

"...That did it? It's not moving anymore... Well whatever, time to resume my search for the gramps."

As I kept an eye on the golem remains, I looked around the dome shaped room for an exit.
Found it in the deepest part.

"Welp let's press on ahead. Wonder what's gonna come out next..."

I was being overconfident in my power. Beliving I can extinguish most sparks with it.
That assessment wasn't wrong. However, I found out the problem lies on me this time.
I got scared of the skeleton army I forgot about my 'power' and ran away screaming.
This peerless power has weakness in my mental.
And yet it's also been made clear that my body hosts an abnormal strength in its normal state outside Acceleration.

(Gotta get familiar with it, or else it's gonna bring trouble in the future... I should make an effort to hide this from other people.)

Thus far, not many people know about me. As such, it's probably okay to keep my current approach.
The bigger problem is how unusually high the frequency of events I've been running into. That fact makes future prospect suspicious.

(Man when was the last time I could truly relax since I got driven out of my village...)

As I indulge myself in melancholy, a huge round boulder that barely fits the passage it's in is rolling my way up ahead.

"Indiana J*on*s?! Oh crap oh crap!"

Just like that time with skeletons, the sheer pressure of this incoming rolling boulder made my body reflexively tried to run.
My body moved on its own when the image of getting ran over flashed in my mind.

However, 'Ununununu!', I groaned and mustered my mental to root myself in place.
I got in Accelerated state and slice and dice the approaching boulder with my sword.

I undid Acceleration once I deemed it was enough.
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The boulder instantly crumbled down into smaller fragments. I was relieved to see that.
But one of the fragments rode its momentum and kept flying in my direction, hitting my forehead.

"Oowww! Dammit, are you for real! ...How do you even deal with that... Do I gotta stay on guard around the clock or what? I ain't gonna last..."

This was the first time I felt pain, who could've thought it would be due to an accident.
Can't stop here though. Can't find the gramps if I don't keep trucking on.

"Will I even find this old man? Besides the chance of him surviving is slim... Like, he could've got himself sandwiched between bedrocks or something?"

The scale of that tremor from the time this dungeon's entrance manifested above ground was quite something. I mean the hut we were staying on is located far from this mine.
Goes to show how big the scale of changing terrain.

"Don't mean I could just turn back now though. Gotta find his body at least."

As I kept muttering alone wondering when would this end, I had gone through many fork roads and cut down all the skeletons blocking my way.
Frankly speaking, the gramps still being alive would feel like a plot convenient setup here. But him being dead would at least put a closure to this whole thing.
After all, this gramps isn't the only blacksmiths around. I know that there's a lot of them in the capital.
There's no need to be fixated on him for the katana, which is why I don't really feel that pressured about this search.

I kept passing through forks as I relaxed myself. While never letting up with the memo.
Don't wanna get lost on my way back. Gotta be thorough on that note.

(Getting lost would be the end of me even with this power.)

External danger isn't a problem with this power.
But danger that comes internally, aka me could likely kill me.
Starvation for once. If I lose my way in a dungeon where do I procure food?
The monsters spawning in this dungeon disappear into particles of light when killed, you can't eat them.
The biggest danger that could befall me and result in my death here is 'not being able to get out'.
Naturally, I take great care in preventing that.
My situation would turn ugly if this dungeon is a randomly changing dungeon like in 'Toru-neko Mysterious Dungeon'.
But that doesn't seem to be the case from what I've seen so far, I have no reason to halt this search.

Thus I kept going forward. Despite my complex mental state, my mind weirdly turned childlike as the excitement got me and then I found myself in front of a massive door.




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