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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 260

260 Things Found


After advancing through a narrow path for maybe about ten meters, I came across a small room the size of 4.5 tatami mats.
Along with a fist-sized Crystallized Mana floating in the center of the room.

"Now just gotta smash this... No, bad idea doing that here. I should wait until I'm out first."

I took the Crystallized Mana and tried to put it into my magic bag, but it wouldn't go in.
It made this 'Pon' sound as the two objects repelled one another.

(No idea how the heck this even works. Welp, guess I'll just carry it with me.)

Smashing the crystal here would likely stop the dungeon-fication and turn this place back into a normal mine.
Monsters would also stop spawning.
But the more pressing issue is the risk of 'cave in' and 'collapse' if I break it here.
I don't think that's gonna happen for as long as this place is supplied with mana, but there's no telling what's gonna hapeen if that mana supply is halted.
It's safer to smash the crystal outside. Such was my reasoning for storing the Crystallized Mana inside my magic bag, but that attempt didn't go well.

With the crystal in hand, I went back to the previous golem room.
Afraid of the possibility the golem coming back to life, I approached the huge rock's remains for a final check.
But the instant I got close, the Crystallized Mana started emitting light, dyeing the surroundings blue.

"Oh crap! Did something get switched on!? Is it gonna explode?! Oh crap!?"

I stepped back and steeled myself for the golem revival while being fed up of this dungeon thinking I had cleared it already.
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But that never happened. The Crystallized Mana floated away from my hand on its own and got sucked into what seemed to be the center of the golem rock.
Then the rock started pulsing blue before the light eventually subsided, ending with the rock's color turning emerald green.
The rock is the size of an adult's armful. It's changed color in its entirety.

"...What was that all about? Pretty sure it's something incredible, but I've absolutely no clue what even is this thing..."

I stood still trying to figure out what the phenomenon was when I realized somebody had entered the room.

"Oy! What're ya doing here? I reckon this place's been turned into a dungeon. Ya better get outta here fast."

I almost blurted back, 'No who are you?', but stopped short.
I mean the only other person that could be here is that gramps I've been looking for.
I pondered how to reply to him before deciding to just speak the truth.

"I've been looking all over for you, gramps, got commissioned by your grandkid. Good to see you're safe and sound."

That was all there is to it, yet the gramps seemed to find it hard to swallow as he stood still with a dumbfounded look.
But that was only for about ten seconds. He yelled out loud when he noticed the big rock by my legs.

"Oy! What in the world is that!? I ain't never seen such a pure mithril ore in my life before! And would ya look at the size of that thing!? How'd ya get that, lad!?"

Unsure how to answer that, though it'd take time I opted to tell gramps everything that transpired starting from the time Minya was pleading for help to look for him.





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