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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyusoukyoku 5 Intermission 6

Intermission: Arisa's Master

Are you stupid?
Hey, let me say it once more. Are you stupid?

Reading the atmosphere, I stop those abusive words in my chest.
The object of those words is my [Master]. That powerful enemy is acting presumptuous because he's got that much monstrous power and now, he's challenging that.

You will absolutely lose I said, I know that you have secret unique skills, but your level is only 10, you know?
No matter how great your skills are, there's no way it could overcome 4 times level difference!

Moreover, he's hiding his skills even though his level is so low. I wouldn't know what kind of secret technique you've prepared!

"I won't hesitate to turn this into a bloodbath you know?"

The monster says so while pointing his cane to my master.

"It's no good! Master, this guy is too strong."
"Trashes don't have any place to call me 'this guy'."

Yes, I'm doing my best to call for [master's] attention, but the attack is coming here. Ah, this life is going to be over here huh. I want to flirt before I die~.

I still remember the day I meet him.
I was in the shaking slave carriage that had just arrived in Seryuu city. It was depressing only looking at the gloomy slaves in the carriage.
At that time, I felt a gaze from somewhere, and he was there.

Black hair.

Black pupils.

Delicate build.

And, Japanese face.

Yes, [Love], it had been a long time since I saw my right-in-the-center type after seeing only macho in this world.
Particularly, the slightly unreliable easy-to-push-round look is nice. My creative impulse is welling up. My delusional power cannot be stopped, like that.
You seem to be wearing good clothes, why don't you buy me and Lulu.

I deliberately attempted to use chantless charm magic, but the carriage went to the road's corner.

To protect me, [Master] charges toward the monster.

What, what's with that speed!
I thought he had just started to step forward, but he had already slipped into the monster's bosom, driving a blow.
I've seen my country's knight leader and hero having a bout before, he's faster than the hero's rush at that time. Yup, too fast.

But, the monster shrugs off that attack like it's a breeze. The monster completes its chant just like that, and flings the appearing shadow whips towards me.

I hope it's not instant death.

While thinking that, as my last resistance, I chantlessly fire Psycho Bullet toward the shadow whip, but it doesn't work well.
I wonder why did I read the book about mind magic when I was in the castle. If it was light or fire magic, I could retaliate this monster.

However, the shadow whip doesn't reach me. My [master] moves as if he's teleporting and receives the attack with his body.
Even though he's delicate, his back looks slightly wide, and relief surfaces along with anger in me.

Why are you acting so rash!

The next time I met him was several days after. I remember the surrounding was noisy because the missing slave trader had came back.

Since a good customer is here, the expensive girls that would likely sells were to be shown in turns. Apparently the opponent was quite formidable, 10 girls had dejectedly returned.
And then, it's our turn, the six unpopular ones. If the girls before weren't selling, there's no way we would, curse.

And the one who's sitting in the sofa inside the tent is him. He's with three beast kin girls behind. Alright, I'll get his favor!

Nidoren, the slave trader, is saying something, but right now I'm putting power to my eyes!

But, the appeal from this beauty doesn't reach him, he almost leaves from the place. I become panicked and try to appeal with words. Fufufu, receive this appeal attack from me who's accustomed with job-hunting!

However, he's tough.
Even after I explain the merit and convey my feeling, he's completely unwavering.
Can't be helped, I'll use my last resort. I won't let this chance pass, even if it means I have to use heartless means!

Get shaken with chantless, [Charm Person], and [Fret].

Huh~? It's not working.

The magic finally works after I use my trump card, Never Give up.
Who is this person?
His name is Satou, and his face looks Japanese, he must be a transported person right?

Well, let's be happy with this for now.
Fuffuffu, I won't let you sleep tonight.

Something that looks like a joke is happening in front of my eyes.
Is he really a human? He grasp the supposedly untouchable magic restraints with his hands and tries to do something about it.

"It's hard to grasp even though it doesn't have reaction, this stupid <<fantasy>> things."

He really get away from the restraint even while complaining.
No no, you can't normally do that.

"What is your purpose?"

Mou, forget about purpose.
First of all, we should get away from here in order to live.

It's too bad, but let's give up on Mia.
Mia, I'm sorry. You can resent me however much. I'm helpless with my power.

"Do you have grudges with heroes?"
"Way off the mark."

The discussion breaks off, a lot of shadow whips are coming from under the monster's feet and go towards Mia.
He takes out two handguns from his pocket and shoots down the shadow whips.

Oh! Cool~
Why doesn't this world have digital camera!

I'm having an out-of-place thought to escape from the stress from this hopeless situation.

I've played a petty trick during our contract ceremony. I've mixed, [You can approach me day and night.] With this, as long as master doesn't seriously order against it, it won't be considered a violation of contract.

I'm clever~♪ Arisa-chan great victory.

On the way back to the inn, interesting things keep piling up.



This person really is Satou-san huh?

Let's put aside such trivial things.

No matter what happen, tonight is my first night!
I haven't had first night in my previous life!
I'll fully demonstrate you my net knowledge, boy!

I enter the inn room while feeling excited.

We're in the same room.
I understand, boy. A 15 years old is at his peak of wanting it!

"Arisa and Lulu, you two can use that bed."

Does he want to attack us as set?
Lulu is pure, if possible, I want her to have normal loving one.

I was waiting for his attack, 'is it now', 'or now', but he was sleeping on the next bed.


I put Lulu to sleep with mind magic and crawl into master's bed.
I feel sorry, but I don't have any regret.

The result was utter failure, but turned out he really is a Japanese.
I don't know if he's a reincarnated or transported, but with that Japanese face, he's probably a transported one. Can't be sure with Lulu here though.

"Arisa! When morning comes, go ask for assistance at the worker's guild manager."

Uwaah~, stupid stupid stupid.
I frantically jump to him who is sinking together with Mia into shadow portal.

But, I didn't reach him.
The shadows that come out slip and graze me.

"Arisa, let's take care of those for now."

Liza plunges toward three shadow stalkers alone.
Doing such reckless attack, even the usually calm Liza is greatly shaken.

While I fight the shadow stalkers with chantless shock wave, Pochi, Tama and Liza are supporting me.

Liza got hurt, but we somehow won.
I give Liza first-aid with the help of my previous life's memory, while Pochi and Tama are preparing the wagon.

I wanted to have Lulu to drive the wagon, but since she can't see well in the darkness, it'd be dangerous so I leave it to Liza and Tama.

"Master is alright nanodesu?"
"Come back~?"

I want to know that too!
But, as an adult woman I can't possibly slap nervous little girls.

"Of course, he' s alright. He's our master remember. Of course he's coming back!"

I declare so while convincing myself midway.
I won't ask him to be in one piece, but at least please come back alive!

When we're waiting for the gate of Seryuu city to open, Tama begins making noise.

"What's wrong nodesu."
"Master, there~!"

What did you say!

"Is that true, Tama!"

I press toward Tama.
Whoops, the wagon suddenly moves and I fall down.
Although she wasn't complaining before, Liza's eyes are looking very desperate.
This girl might be unexpectedly the most worried.

"He's there desu!"
"Yeah, master. ...He's safe.

Pochi, and Tama, then Liza who has became emotional is choking her words.
Hey wait, where is he?

"Arisa, there. At hill on the road ahead, in white clothes."

He's there!
What are you doing so nonchalantly waving here.

"...I, I was worried! Mou, promise me to never do something that absurd ever again!!"

I shout and cry on his chest.
He's apologizing so many, many times, but he absolutely doesn't understand.

I will become strong.
To protect this stupid and reckless [Master] from jumping into dangerous situation!

I am Arisa.
Former Japanese, Tachibana Arisha
My love story won't lose to this absurd parallel world (fantasy)!

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