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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyusoukyoku 5 Intermission 3

Intermission: Tama


Wagahai is Tama de Aru¹, the name given by master.

Tama has a family nyan.
A really strong and kind master, and Pochi who's like a little sister and Liza who's like a mother. And also cheeky Arisa and docile Lulu. Everyone is not a cat-person, but they're all important family nyan.

Arisa said that if I use, "Nyan", master will be happy, but it's a lie. Far from being happy, he's worried instead.

"Okay~ Here we go~. Everyone, follow me~."

Arisa is leading the way while running. Today is a shopping day.
New clothes! Fluttering and fluffy, cute clothes with no weird smell.

"If Pochi was to wear this clothes then Tama would be cool with this sharp one I guess?"
"This ribbon is better~?"

Not the one that Arisa recommends, but the matching one with Pochi with a small ribbon attached is what I want.

"Ara? That's unexpected, you like cute things huh~."

I don't know how to use money, so it's Arisa who buys it.

After the shopping is over, we eat a lot and lot of meats with the leftover money. I am very happy.
We pass by a park, I see a nice sunny spot for napping, then I notice master there.


I run to him to talk, he looks in pain somewhere.
Pochi who runs with me together looks worried too.

"Tummy hurt~?"
"I'm alright, I might be tired though."

Master says so while patting my head. I want to be patted more, I rub my head against master's hand.

The outside! I'm going outside the city for the first time.
Arisa asks, "Didn't you live outside the city when you were small?", but I only remember the winter chill and the warmth of someone's fur.
Alhough I clearly remember the time when I met Pochi, I don't really remember past things.

Pochi wasn't able to speak words and just groaned with, "Gururu~", but I worked hard to teach her words. Since I'm the onee-chan.

The wagon is shaking here and there, it's fun. Since Arisa and Lulu cry their butts hurt, I ask, "Are you okay~?". Arisa screams back, "Nothing is impossible with human's intelligence!", but I don't really understand the meaning. Arisa's words are fun, but I always don't understand them. She's a strange child.

Arisa teaches me many things. [Janken], [Guppa], [Hopping], [Card play], [Anisong], a lot, lots of things.
Next time, if I catch a prey, I'll give it to Arisa.

The scenery is flowing while I'm sitting beside master, it's fun. Pochi also sits beside master on the other side.


Just now, a prey is in that thicket!
I tried to jump out, but Liza gripped my girdle so I wasn't able to jump out. Too bad.

The wagon shakes and Arisa complains. Even though wagons are for shaking things, Arisa is really strange.
Pochi counterattacks Arisa who rides on her head. Uu~ I want to join in. But, I'm the onee-chan so I'll endure. Uu~, endure... impossble nyan♪

I play with Pochi and Arisa until Liza stops us.

Uu~, I catch glimpse of many preys.
But, until master has ordered me, endure it, endure.

"Private Pochi! Private Tama!"
"Yes nanodesu!"

I take on the pose Arisa has taught yesterday, "Swoosh!", and answer master.

"I will assign you two a mission! Check the security around the perimeter of the boulders!"

I chase after a rabbit that I've had my eyes on since earlier with Pochi.

The rabbit is hopping around with, "Pyon pyon"-like sound.
Pochi and me are running together.

It's slower than monsters nyan.

I throw myself.

Pyon pyon.

Nyau, it ran away.


Pochi jumps on it.

The rabbit twists its body and slips underneath Pochi.

I won't let you run!


But the rabbit dives into a hole hidden in the grass' shadow.
Uu~, if I go there, the clothes given by master will be dirtied.

However, Pochi plunges into the hole without hesitation.
I'm the onee-chan after all, I'll give this rabbit to Pochi.

I catch a snake loitering around under the rock. It's a snake with no poison and delicious.
But, it's a bit small. I look for the next prey while twirling my tail around, and come across Arisa who's looking for firewoods.

"Ara, Tama. Hmm? What are you holding?"

That's right, let's give it to Arisa.
It's a bit small, but it's good for snacks.

"For you~?"
"Wa, no, don't come here."
"Not poison~?"

Even though it's not a snake with poison, so it's fine.
Now, Arisa, go ahead and chew it from the head without reserve.

"Wa, toss it away."
"Yes, turn around. spin and spin~, then throw it with a pow."

As Arisa says, I spin and spin~ and throw it.
Seems that it's a new play, but I don't understand the fun.

"Yes, that's good."

Arisa crosses her arms and nods with, uh-huh. Seems it was correct.
Arisa pick a firewood on her foot and go back to master.

Next, for the sake of master, I'll look for a bigger prey.

I chase after a dragonfly.

I chase after a cricket.

I found it.

Conceal myself~, tou!

I pin the prey from behind, and it faints just from that.


Even though it's a present for master, but I'm told, "Let it go."
Even though, it's a big prey~.

But, it's an order from master, Tama will listen to what he says.
I spin and spin~ like Arisa taught me and toss it away.

I was scolded by master.

I must tell Arisa that it's bad to lie.
Because I'm the onee-chan.

1. TLN: This is impossible to tl for me without losing the humor. Dearu is like nanodesu, no particular meaning and definitely not her name. :p
Apparently the author is referencing to a famous Japanese work

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