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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyusoukyoku 6-21

6-21. People of Baron Muno Territory (11)


Satou's here. Split body (Bunshin) is a staple of Ninja, but when I was a child my juvenile mind thought, "If you could move that fast to make bunshin, you should've attack like that instead."
It might be the right choice when you fight against firearms.

"I promise, it won't be dangerous."

If it's just me alone then it'd alright. The opponent is just a level 30. Moreover, I have magic attack and magic shield, not only physical now.

"No, I'll go with you."

That's bad. The demon is in the forest right now, but I don't know when it's going to be back. I want to leave Arisa in safe zone.

"If you say further than that, I'll use 『Order』."
"Try it, my maiden's heart won't lose to such thing like 『Order』."

It can't be helped.
I didn't want to use 『Order』 as much as possible.

"Arisa, this is an order. Go to the village I've said earlier and ask the mayor about the work. Wait in the village until I get there."

After telling so, I go down the wagon.
I hear something falling on the ground behind me along with Lulu's short scream.

When I turn around, I see Arisa crawling here while her face becoming blue.

"I w,will absolutely go with you. This time... I wont... Let you go alone... Ha."

By disobeying my order, she's not only tormented by the magic from the contract, but it seems that the slavery collar on her neck also harms her physically. The collars on the beastkin girls are just decoration, but the ones on Lulu and Arisa are real magic tools. They were attached from Kubooku kingdom.
No, this isn't the time to think that. Arisa would die if I leave her alone.

"Arisa, I cancel the order earlier."

Arisa is gasping painfully. What a rash girl. I wonder what makes her go that far. The collar has left red mark on Arisa's neck.

"Good grief, you're really a rash girl."
"Who's the rash one here. You jumped into the shadow to save Mia, and even just the other day, you lured out a monster almost twice your level to secure food for the children... I'm worried about you, stop doing unreasonable things alone."

Arisa says so while shedding tears.

I've noticed something from those tears and "Almost twice your level."


I didn't expect this at all.

I thought that Arisa who had shrewdly noticed that I hid my skill would had also realized that I falsified my level, I thought that she was playing dumb about it due to my misunderstanding.

I can understand Arisa's unnatural state up until now when I consider so.

She would certainly be worried if a level 10 guy picked a fight with a level 40 undead boss which had unknown unique skills.

I'm sorry that I think you're like an overprotective mother.

However, this is troubling, if I tell her that I'm hiding my level right here and now, Arisa's pride would collapse.
I can't exactly clown around Arisa who's genuinely worried too, I guess I have no choice but to take her along.

It's my penalty for pointlessly worrying Arisa. It'd be hard to protect her, but if it's just Arisa alone, I would protect her no matter what.

"I understand Arisa, let's go together."
"R, right, you should've said so from the start. You'd have the strength of hundred me with me around!"

Even while wiping her tears with her sleeves, Arisa boasts, she's back to her usual self. Still, her vocabulary is old like usual.
Arisa gets back to the wagon to change her clothes that has been covered in mud.

Now then, I wonder who should I choose to replace Arisa. Among them, Liza is the best choice, but considering her tribe, it would be difficult to negotiate with insular villagers.

Which means, the next candidates  are Lulu or Nana. I can't imagine the whimsical Tama to negotiate, and the silent Mia negotiating would be as probable as the sky falling.

I want Lulu to do the negotiation if possible, would have loved if she acquires interpersonal skills, but since she's shy around people, it might be impossible.

Then, Nana is the only one remaining huh.

She normally has eccentric behavior and her way of speaking is flat, but she'd be in "my pace"-mode whoever her opponent is and her appearance is a beautiful woman.
I guess I'll ask Nana to bear the brunt, and Liza to follow-up her.

"Yes, master."
"Have you ever done negotiation before?"
"No, I am a virgin. I have no experience."

...who ask you about sexual experience.
<TLN: Japanese joke, negotiation:交渉, intercourse:性交渉.>

When I see her expression and atmosphere, I've thought that she's just naive, but I have some doubt, "Weren't you being wrong on purpose?"

Let's tell her more in detail.

"I want to ask you to negotiate for employing the villagers, do you have any knowledge about doing something like that?"
"I have not."
"Okay, then I want you to cooperate with Liza to deal with it. Nana, you become the front during the negotiation while Liza is the one who's actually doing it from the back."
"Yes, master."
"I will exert the fullest of my ability."

Liza's reply is stiff. Is she nervous?

"Liza, you don't need to get so worked up. I don't mind even if the negotiation fails. If that happen, I want you girls to stand by on the river near the village."
"I understand, master."

It seems that strength leave her shoulders. I'm worried that she might have interpreted it as, "I don't expect anything from you.", but it seems that I'm just imagining things.

Arisa who has came back is wearing clothes that she's made after the fashion show back then. The skirt is equipped with frame made from wire inside, making it expands in three dimensions. She's wearing blond wig.

That's good and all, but who's the little girl with brown braided hair behind?

...No, I can see Pochi's appearance as a double.

"Is that Pochi?"
"Ara, you did well to know. Arisa-chan version 2, Pochi human form."

The two are taking pose energetically.
Even though they've dressed in cute clothes, taking power ranger pose ruins it.

"Version 2 whatever, how did you do that to Pochi?"
"Don't whatever it! I can't forgive that nonexistent reaction toward blond twin-tail, even though it's not drills."

Twin-tail look good with figurine or 2 dimensions, but in real life, I think having twin-tail only makes you look more like children though?

"I've received Arisa's magic nodesu."
"A~ah, didn't I say to keep it a secret. I create illusion using light magic. It's originally a magic to create split body, but I've arranged it for a bit."

I see, so it was light magic. However, to arrange magic in such short term like this, this girl is like some kind of protagonist from light novel.

Pochi human form looks exactly like Arisa if we exclude her hair style and color.

"Although if an illusion magic with bigger scale touch Pochi, it'd get exposed, and if I'm not near her, the spell would be broken. She might not be allowed to enter the castle if they know that she's a dogkin tribe."
"Would it get past something like magic detection?"
"Even if she gets exposed, I'll make Toruma cover her. I'm sure we'd only be scolded. Moreover, I want Pochi who has high offensive and enemy search skill to be around."

It feels like Arisa is optimistic that Pochi's cover will be blown. Also, I think Tama has higher enemy search skill. Although, Pochi was probably chosen because Tama would not be suitable for infiltrating.

"You know, during the dream yesterday, I saw that demon is disguising as the baron. Master was able to very narrowly avoid the demon's attacks, but you were finally cornered... Of course, I know that it's just a dream. However, if it was a prophetic dream..."

No, rather than optimistic, she wants Pochi to go even while taking that risk huh. Putting aside what I see myself, it seems that the members are excessively worried because they were having bad dreams.

Arisa is about to say something before stammering and stopping, then she's shaking her head as if she shakes off some kind of anxiety. Her swaying hair is hitting Pochi's face, Pochi holds her own face.

"It's okay! Even if it was a propethic dream, we'll get through it since you're with Pochi and me."
"Yes nano desu. If master is with Pochi, we're invicible nano desu!"

It's incomprehensible since the expression of the illusion isn't changing, but I can picture Pochi full of motivation in my mind.

The dream that Arisa has seen is probably just a mere dream.

However, Arisa's worry is genuine. Her excessive worry is like some kind of loyal retainer like samurai, it's a bit scary.
When I find the opportunity after it becomes safe, I should do some actions that would blow away her worry, while making sure it would get seen through by Arisa.

Even though it can't be helped in Arisa's case, I actually want Pochi to be with Liza's team, but I can't think of any excuse in this situation.
I think I'm becoming unable to think for myself thanks to Arisa.

It can't be helped, I don't want to expose Arisa and Pochi to danger, but if an accident happen, I'll carry both of them and do something about it.

There's no one with appraisal skill that could see other's people stat in the city. Also, there aren't anyone who has magic skills from detection branch. It's convenient for us, but those people might have been eliminated by the demon to protect its secret.

I'm worried that the combat force is reduced for Liza and the girls, but it should be okay since we're not the target this time. Even if anything happen, the village is only 10 kilometers away. I can rush to get there in 90 seconds.

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