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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyusoukyoku 6-10

6-10. Magic Circuit and Rose Engraving


Satou's here. I've made various electronic circuit boards when I was a college student, although I neglected it when I became a working adult.
I didn't think that I would make them in fantasy world...

I don't know if the fake hero really exist, but when I regularly check the baron castle's map, I've narrowed down the most suspicious candidate.
The fake hero's name is Hauto--one character difference with the hero, Hayato Masaki--he's a level 7 young man with one-handed sword and shield skills.
There are also other people who seem to be his companions which are a level 10 swordsman, a level 8 magician, and a level 9 priest. It's a party with good balance, they would've been successful if they earn their shares from labyrinths.

The demon is most likely involved. It's often near the fake hero, Hauto.
However, this demon slips out of the castle at night, and goes to the neighboring forest where the thieves are.

"Master, the replenishment is complete."

Damn, I've wasted this blissful morning time thinking unnecessary things.
Nana who has refilled her magic fix her clothes.

Satou, you'll get another chance on the next break.

...I convinced myself so.

Today I'm making wooden swords on the shaking wagon.
I feel like Pochi's and Tama's battle forms have become sloppy lately, probably because the thieves' level were low, so I'm preparing these for their exercise. I don't want to see them suffer from letting their guard down.

I roll several layers of leather on the wooden swords for safety so they wouldn't get hurt.

"Is it okay to have this~?"
"Pochi also wants to have that nodesu."

Pochi and Tama said so while holding Nana's rapier. The sword is engraved with cute patterns from the guard to the grip. It seem they want to have the wooden swords to have the same kind of patterns as the rose engraving there. These two unexpectedly like cute things.

Do I have to make this?
The two's eyes are full of expectations.

"Is it alright if the design is a bit simpler?"
"This one no good~?"
"No good nano desu?"

Uuh, now it's upturned eyes huh.

"I understand, I'll try it for once."
"It's going to be okay since it's master, nano desu."
"Work hard~ master."

Arisa cheered on me who had irresponsibly promised them. Dang Arisa, don't look so amused.
Since it's impossible to engrave the design on the completed swords, I decide to shave new ones.

Afterwards, the two are finally satisfied with the engraving after nine tries. Since I've only shaved the guard to the grip part, the blade part is still rod shaped. I should be able to shave the blade parts before the next rest if it's only for two.

>[Engraving Skill Acquired]

"There's no prey nodesu."
"I picked nuts~."

After we've entered this territory, Pochi and the girls only net few hunts. Birds or beasts that could be hunted are scarce along the road. Even with this condition, Tama still shrewdly gather fruits and acorns. In some survival manga, they would cook acorns or insects, but since we're not in food shortage, I keep Tama's harvest for now.

Now then, it's about time to prepare for lunch. Lulu is beside me while wearing different clothes than the usual. She ties her hair with the blue braid like yesterday, but her apron now has frills making her cuteness goes up by 50%.

"I've prepared it."
"Alright, then, put the oil on the frying pan and raise the flame."

I'm teaching Lulu the secret of steak today. I wonder if she's nervous, she makes a lot of excessive movements. Her face has turned bright red.

"The garlic is enough with that much. Put it on this plate."

Going according to the instruction, Lulu awkwardly use the spatula to move it to the plate. The spatula is made from wood. Since it was inconvenient when I'm making steak without one, I made it myself.

"Listen closely to the sound. Don't close your eyes though."

Lulu performs my instruction, but it seems that she's nervous because our faces are close. It looks like she's not used around men, so I give instructions from behind her shoulders.

"When you hear this sound, it means that the heat is enough, so put the steak in."

Even though she's tense, she's doing it properly, excellent.

"Wait until the the side becomes brown. Turn the steak when you smell this. It's easy to understand when to turn if you utilize the sound and the smell."

I said so with air of superiority, but it was thanks to the skill.

When Lulu has finished grilling the steak, I cut and sample it. Yep, it's a bit inferior compared to the one I make, but it's at the level where she could charge money for it. Lulu also tries it, she's surprised with the meat she has grilled herself.
Since Pochi and Tama are drolling beside us, I cut the meat and feed it to their mouths. And since even Liza and Arisa wait for their turns, the trial steak quickly disappears. You girls have too much appetite.

At a slightly remote place, Pochi and Tama are training using the wooden swords.

Without their usual goofy attitudes, they look very serious.
Pochi attacks in straight line, Tama avoids it while moving relatively more erratic. Using the chance when Pochi stops moving, Tama successfully hits her with small attack.
Sometimes Tama fails to avoid Pochi's heavy blow, so the damage is comparable.

Still, even though this is a training, aren't they way too serious?
Liza who was washing the dishes volunteered to be the umpire since she was worried with the two.

Even though I've taught them to stop before they hit before the training began, looks like they completely forget about it. Let's tell them again later.

After the meal, I'm taking a break from chanting practice.

Today, I'm experimenting in magic tools creation. What I'm doing now is making preliminary preparations.

Roughly speaking, Magic tools are tools for recreating effects of specific magic without chanting. Magic circuits are embedded on magic tools as a substitute for the chants. For simple circuits, you could make them without special facility, but you'd need exclusive workshop if you want to make magic tools with complex circuits. It might be easier to understand if I say that it's like the differences between [Miniature bulb and copper-wired battery], and [Electronic circuit with semiconductor].

In order to compose the magic circuit, you need to use circuit liquid to draw specific patterns. Depending on the purpose, you could possibly need circuit liquids with different magic resistance power, but let's go with the orthodox for the first time.

I draw a circle on a wood plank with ink.

Next, I use a pick to lightly carve out the circle.

Then I just need to pour the circuit liquid here and it'd be complete.

I want to make the circuit liquid, but it was written in difficult elf language, it's probably by Trazayuya. It can't be helped, I maximize the elf language skill. I'd have liked if it was written in simpler elf language.

For the making of this circuit liquid this time, you just need to simply mix melted copper with powdered magic core and stabilizer.

First, I melt some coppers. For this I use the magic tool that I've bought from the metal carving workshop. It's a burner where you can raise flame by pouring magic. Burning without fuel, truly a magic tool.

>[Metal Carving Skill Acquired]

Since it looks like I would need this from now on, I put points and activate it.

I mix some powdered magic cores and stabilizers inside the pot where the melted copper is.
With light plopping sound, red smoke lightly rises from the pot. It has no smell.

Next, let's pour the circuit liquid into the wood carving. I smell burning woods when I pour the circuit liquid.
Maybe I should have waited until it's a bit cooler.

>[Magic Tools Creation Skill Acquired]

So imbuing was from different category.
Of course I activate it.

"What are you making~."

Arisa who has finished washing the dishes calls me from behind my shoulders.

"A magic tool."
"Eh? Is that something that you could make yourself?"
"Seems so, do you want to try it?"
"Is it fine?"

Arisa pours her magic power, the brown circuit liquid begins to glow vermilion gold.

"Okay, it's good already."
"And, what will happen next?"
"When you put magic power into the circuit liquid, the magic power will flow on it."
"Yep, yep, then?"
"That's it, the magic power goes around, the end."
"Don't expect grandiose thing from a first timer in magic tools making."

Arisa looks very dissatisfied.
In the first place, I can't make anything else beside circle poured with circuit liquid without special facility, you're expecting too much.

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