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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyusoukyoku 6-19

6-19. Golden Holy Sword and Magic Tools


Satou's here. I don't have memories of taking a bath in my own house at midnight after I've become a working adult, probably because of working late. I mostly found myself taking hot shower after waking up early in the morning.
I've only been able to leisurely take my time soaking my body at the grand public bath when I'm staying over.

The night has been cold for the past few days, so the couple are sleeping inside the wagon. Leaving aside Ossan, it'd be troubling if Hayuna-san catches cold and infects the baby.

The combination for the night watch duty today is different than usual.

Usually, Mia, Lulu and me are the first, then Pochi, Tama, Nana for the second, and then Liza and Arisa for the last, but today, Mia is replaced with Arisa.

"What are you making?"
"It's Circuit Liquid."

In most textbooks they're only called magic liquid or Liquid.
The one I'm making now is different from normal Liquid. I'm making the recipe hidden in that bundle of papers.
Yup, even though the raw materials are different, the way of making it is the same as normal Liquid.

"Fuh~n, huh? Isn't it usually shining red?"

Arisa is quite observant eh. I don't answer Arisa since I'm concentrating right now. I continue putting magic while watching the Liquid shines blue.

I pour the finished Liquid into the Circuit carved on one half of the wooden sword.
Since I've let the Liquid temperature to be cooled down, it's not burning like with the wooden pedestal before.

"It's black, is it really a wooden sword?"

I affirm it by lightly nodding since it's pitiful if I ignore her too much. Even though Lulu is watching quietly, this girl is noisy.

I spread thin glue on the remaining half of the wooden sword, and then wrap it with strings. Then I put the sword on the magic bestowing stand, and slowly manipulate the Liquid on the wooden sword using the stand, drawing small intricate pattern.

It seems that Arisa is tired from looking, she lies down sideway hugging her knee while biting a jerky. She's looking here while remaining in that posture.
Lulu who's beside me gently wipes the sweat on my forehead with a handkerchief. Lulu's girl's power is surely around 530.000.

I try putting magic into the finished wooden sword. The magic flow is worse than Liza's spear, but it's quite good in itself.

The wooden sword's whole body is shining blue.

The light remains even after I stop putting magic power, although it's a bit dimmer.

"Hey, hey, isn't magic sword that shines blue... Th, that can't be it right. There's no way that could be made so easily."

Unrest appears in Arisa's words. It seems that she has noticed the true nature of this sword.

I put magic into the wooden sword once again.
The blue light is pretty.

"Hey, is that really it?"

I wait until the afterimage melts into the darkness, and answer Arisa.

"Yes, it's a holy sword."

"W, wait, holy sword you said?"
"To be exact, it's a pseudo holy sword."

The thing that Arisa had discovered with vertical reading on the paper back in the afternoon was a record of a man's study about the making of holy sword.

The main subject is how you need special Circuit Liquid to make holy swords. You need raw materials like Dragon Powder, powdered jewels, gold nugget etc. I blew 15 gold coins to make the prototype earlier. If this was an MMORPG, a lot of people would give up on raising this skill.

The original part is just that, the rest is just like how you make a magic sword. That particular part is explained inside the books from Trazayuya, so I refer to there.

There's a reason why I called it pseudo.

The wooden sword made earlier is a success, but I'm not able to make holy sword from forged swords. I can't carve precise circuit on a forged sword since it's made by striking hot metal. It's a success this time since wood is a comparatively soft material.
The casting process during the making of magic swords requires someone with high level magic arts skill like Trazayuya, so for something like holy swords, it probably needs even more complicated ritual.

"Pseudo? But it's glowing the same color as the holy sword that the hero (Masaki) has."
"It could exert the same power as the original if the opponent is weak and without substance, but it's still a wooden sword after all. I don't know the Circuit to increase sharpness attack power, so for now, it's nothing but a wooden sword with holy attribute."

Contrary to what one may imagine, the man who left this recipe is not from Saga empire, but Shiga kingdom.
It seems that he was a former researcher of the royal institution who lost in dispute and was driven away to the border. This was also hidden with vertical writing in other papers. Most of the papers contain grudges, but one of them details about the success of the creation of a holy sword with the help of a person called Elf Sage. The sword's name is also written, but since it's quite extravagant, let's not talk about it.

As for this wooden holy sword, it'll break in one hit if it clashes against even the weakest holy sword in my storage, Gjallarhorn. It's probably not even as strong as Liza's spear and only about equal with Pochi's and Tama's short swords.

This blue Circuit Liquid--the research papers refer
it as Blue--does not only possess holy attribute on its blue light, but also draws magic power from nature even if the user isn't putting magic power into it. When I tell Arisa about that function, she shouts out, "Perpetual motion Kita!". Rather than perpetual motion, it's more like a wind or solar generated power, I think it's quite convenient. Making it in large-scale is probably NG since it could cause destruction of nature like it has done to the mountain where that Dryad is.

"Let me borrow it~"

Arisa hold out her hands while saying so, I give it to her. Let's make her a matching wooden magic sword later. I could imagine the figure of Arisa holding the sword with both hands while saying some chuunibyou lines.

Arisa is enjoying the blue light while putting magic power into it.
Halfway through, she begins to rapidly pour magic power into it, I don't know what she's thinking. What'd you do if it explodes. I take it from her before the crisis perception kicks in.

"That's dangerous, what would you do if it explodes."
"I'm sorry, I was curious how much it could absorb, and I couldn't stop. I didn't reach the limit even after putting 100 points."

I'd like to find out that limit, but it looks like Arisa wouldn't let me go walk in the dark now. I decide to wait for the opportunity since I don't want to hurt anyone in the camping ground.

Might as well play along with this.

I paint the wooden holy sword's surface with golden paint. I carve rose pattern on the hilt and apply powder from crushed sapphire to it. In addition, I put a sapphire that looks like a flower petal on it. I thinly paint the blue liquid (Blue) below the sapphire and when I put magic power into it, it shines blue.

Since the blade part looks desolate, I draw arabesque pattern on top of the golden paint with the blue liquid.

When put with magic power, the golden blade glows blue light, it's glittering and pretty. The rose part on the hilt looks especially good.

"Master, it's lovely desu."
"Uwaah~ what's that, looks like ornament that would make an upstart cries with joy."

Certainly, it's too gaudy huh. Let's make the wooden magic sword silver.

Now then, since the verification is complete, let's begin the trial to make a magic tool for the future. I've already finished the design during the leisure time when we were moving. There are already several samples, so I'm just going to easily join together the parts among them.

First, I draw pattern with the type of Liquid that generates heat on the overly thin copper plate that I've made by pressing copper coin and stretching it during the afternoon today.

Next, I make a propeller the size of a fist by shaving a block of wood.
I put a hole on the center of the propeller and compose circuit that would make it rotate when poured with magic.

The sample for rotating Circuit is easier than I've thought, I just disassemble the spinning top that I have bought before and examine the circuit. The circuit is as simple as expected since it only consumes little magic power. The total cost is roughly one silver coin.

I've easily made this, but looking at the rate of spread, people who are able to create magic tools are probably quite few.

I insert the completed part to the cylinder, and attach the handle as the last touch.

"It can't be!"
"Yes, it's the thing you'd want after you wash your hair."

I leave the trial run to Arisa. The propeller begins to move as she put magic power, and the heat is generated, flowing together with the air.

"I didn't think that the day I could use drier here would happen."

By 'here' she probably means parallel world, you'd want convenient things yeah.
It's going to get cold soon, I should make heating system next. It might be good to make water boiler before Lulu's hands hurt from washing laundry in cold water.

The dream is expanding.

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