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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 123

Chapter 123 Strongest Sage, Earns Aggro


"W-what... is that?"

"D...Don't you think it's too big?"

Ruli and Alma sounded bewildered when they saw the completed Void Eater which had absorbed other monsters (and the magic stones I feed.)

"Since it's made of many things, it has no an exact model... but if I have to say it, guess it's similar to a tiger."

I observed the completed monster while saying that.

That monster has huge claws and fangs, shaped like a tiger.
However, its size can't even compare to your average monster.
It might be even bigger than Iris's real form.

It probably takes this form since there were a lot of four-legged type monsters it absorbed.
The magic stones I feed it also had a lot of said type.

"See? It's turned out nice right?"

I nodded satisfyingly as I saw the tiger-shaped Void Eater.
By the way, the monster itself doesn't look like it's going to attack us, probably because it's just finished its transformation.
I've put some concealment magic on us, there's no worries of getting found.

"Nice you say... Which part of it?"

"Right... for examples, its claws or fangs. They aren't inclined to any particular trait due to being a mix of many things, so they're easy to handle."

Its trait is a bit different than metal sword so it probably won't replace the sword we made the other day, but it has its own advantage.
It should prove quite effective depending on how you use it and the type of monster you fight.

"Talking about materials already even though we haven't beaten it!?"

"No no, that's not all. Like say, the mana flow in its arms, it's very stable. That is one fine monster. Should fetch a lot of experience points."
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"Getting happy that it's stronger.... Defeating it is completely a premeditated matter already..."

Alma sounded like she couldn't believe it.
True, talking about materials and exp before defeating it might be a bit too hasty.
...That means.

"Alright. I'll go and beat it."

I start to run forward after saying that.

"W-what about us, what should we do!"

"Alma and Ruli, you two maintain some distance away and shoot your arrows like usual! Iris, get close to it and attack its legs!"

While saying that, I kicked the barrier on my feet and gained altitude.
Randomly attacking an enemy of this size won't deal any decent damage.
And it's going to take time for Iris to get to its leg.

Thus, I've taken the quick and easy method.

I go above the Void Eater from its back.
And then I go straight to its face and drive my sword put with a huge quantity of reinforcement magic into its eye.


Void Eater who had one if its eyes crushed howled in anguish.
The voice of pain quickly changed into that of anger, it directed its eyes full of killing intent at me.

--Just as planned.

Void Eater is originally an amorphous monster.
It can't change its basis once it's taken a shape, however, regenerating an eye is a simple matter for it.

However, regeneration saps a Void Eater of its strength once it's taken a form.
The bigger the regenerated part, the greater.

Thus, I aim at big parts that are easy to cut off.
--Like the arm.


The Void Eater swings its arm at me who's standing in mid-air.
Its speed belies its huge size.
I think the fastest part of its arm, the tip, even reaches the speed of sound.

--The Void Eater is going to fully witness just how powerful its attacks are from here on.

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