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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 112

Chapter 112 Second Academy, Defeats Demon


"Dammit, what's with you brats.... Just die alreadyyyyyy!"

The demon who encamped itself in the sky above the schoolyard shot out magic at the yard while looking irritated.
Not even one of the demon's attacks reached the students.
There is no hole in the formation the students have taken up.

Likewise, the students' attacks couldn't reach the demon.
However, unlike the demons, the students keep up the attack while fully knowing that it won't hit it.
In order to avert the demon's attention from Alma and Ruli.

"I can't miss now can I...."

Alma is aiming her bow at the demon slightly away from the students.
And then she unleashed the arrow after stopping breathing for an instant.


The demon noticed the arrow Alma shot and seemingly realized that it could cause it harm unlike anything so far.
The demon moved slowly while still constructing a magic, to evade the arrow.

However, the arrow changed its direction as if it was pursuing the demon.
The demon seemed to judge that it had no choice, it canceled constructing a magic, unfolded its wings wide and accelerated.
Yet the arrow still attempted to pursue the demon, however, it eventually couldn't keep up and passed by the demon.

"The hell was that arrow--ha!? ....AGAAAAAAAA!"

The demon's question changed into a painful cry halfway through.
The arrow that it should have evaded changed direction midway and stabbed its back.

"【Guided Mana Enchant】.... I didn't know you could curve it like that now...."

Ruli commended Alma when she saw how the arrow moved.
However, Alma who shot the arrow looks perplexed too.

"I did guide it until halfway through... But, I have no idea about that last move too you know? I don't think an arrow could move like that."

"That wasn't guided by Alma? Which means, it's this... Mathi-kun is amazing as always..."

Ruli muttered as she looked at a paper where a magic circle was drawn.
Ruli has learned how to compose magic circle herself, but she can't even begin to imagine the way to augment spells that could pursue high-speed flight of a demon and even penetrate its defense.

"Mathi-kun is Mathi-kun and all, but I think Ruli is the only one who can do an augment like that! Look at how it stuck on the demon!"

Alma pointed at the fallen demon.
The arrow is stuck on its back--or to be more correct, its two wings like it's sewn them.

Even demons would be forced to give up flying after that.
And in front of the fallen demon--

"It fell! Rearrange the lines!"


Are the students who could only block the demon's attacks until now.
The students encircled the demon while maintaining a distance away and shoot out their magic all at once.

This time it reaches.
A solo attack magic from a student won't be effective against a demon.

However, it's a different story if you concentrate dozens of the same magic.
The attack magic that rained down incessantly without pause produces synergistic effect, mercilessly shaving down the demon's endurance.
Alma also backs them up with arrows specialized in firepower.

Realizing that it can't fly anymore, the demon counterattacked with attack magic, but all of them were blocked by the barrier Disqualified Crest students set up.
And when the demon tried to close their distance to slash at the students, Alma shot it with arrows embedded with interference magic, stopping it on its track.

Thus the students' encirclement is maintained without ever collapsing.
And the magic attacks continued for a while--

"We did it!"

The demon finally died.
Nevertheless, they carefully confirmed its death using magic before breaking their formation.

"We beat it! We beat a demon!"

"I can't believe it, mere students defeating a demon...."

"We've got to hurry and report to various places!"

Students and teachers are rejoicing together.
They used this chance to toss Alma and Ruli up in the air.

A lot of people ran out of the school in order to convey what happened to the capital.
Their expressions were mixed with fatigue and also glee.

"I'm going to tell Mathi-kun!"

"Me too!"

Ruli and Alma ran toward the dungeon to tell Mathias their victory.

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--A voice resounded amidst the celebratory air.
From the direction of the sky where the demon that was defeated earlier came, sky that should have been empty.

"Huh? Berlias went and got done in."

"Yeah. And I told him. We were gonna have an all-you-can-kill anyway, so we should have prepared our formation first."

"Now now, don't say that. Thanks to him, we got more prey to kill no? Look at that. Our prey are rejoicing with stupid looks on their faces."

Appearing from thin air along with grating voices--were demons.
And it's not just one or two.

That's the number of demons floating in the capital's sky.
There isn't anyone left in the capital who's calm enough to count their number though.

"You're kidding me...."

"Just how many are them...."

"There's no way we can win this...."

Merely defeating a demon necessitated a total war.
And now it's 14.

In addition, the students are running out of mana by the battle earlier.
Their situation is hopeless no matter how you look at it.

The students have lost their fighting spirit, none is even holding their weapon straight.
There wasn't even anyone who got the idea to run.

"Then, let's get to--aa?"

In that situation, the demon who was going to shoot a magic at the defenseless students--suddenly stopped.
No, to be more correct, he was stopped.

Because that demon was cut in two by a sword that projected out of thin air.
The cut demon died without even being able to scream and fell on the ground.


Other demons had perplexed looks on their faces because of the unrealistic scene that played out in front of their eyes.
As if saying that it must be some kind of mistake.

However, a mistake it is not.
As if proving to them that it was real, a sword showed up again--and another demon's head fell down.


Their thought finally caught up after the second demon died.
The demons who have been driven by fear begin to swing their swords around haphazardly.

It was meaningless.
The screaming demon who stood out became fodder of a sword that came out of thin air within five seconds.

Nobody saw the figure of the one who wielded the sword.
However, the students who saw the current situation are vaguely aware of the identity of the one behind it.

--Because there is only one person in the capital who can possibly do such a feat.

"...Fourteen huh. That's more than I expected."

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