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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 124

Chapter 124 Strongest Sage, Counters


"This should do for now."

I thrust my sword at the swinging arm of Void Eater, smash a magic stone and augment it with 【Special Mana Enchant】.
And then a relatively sturdy barrier unfolds near the back of the sword and I augment the sword with another enchant.

--Right afterward, Void Eater's arm plunges into the sword.
The barrier was destroyed instantly along with a loud roar, the Void Eater's arm passed through the space where the barrier was--and flew in the air.


Void Eater looks at its own arm while looking like it can't catch up what's going on.
There is no arm from elbow down.

"Maybe I should have strengthened it a bit more."

I checked the sword out while saying that.
No chips on the sword nor it is off center.
Looks like it's rigid enough.

"I-its arm, in one blow.... What happened just now!?"

While standing in mid-air, I could hear Alma's voice from far away.

"I fortified my sword with barrier for an instant. Countering gets easier the stronger the attack."

....That said, though it looks simple at a glance, this method is quite annoying with many adjustments necessary.
It's pointless if the barrier is too weak, but too strong and the sword will be damaged.
This technique isn't really usable unless the enemy is huge and sturdy.

"So you can use counter against monsters..."

"It's actually easier than against humans since their move set is simple. You need to pay attention since they excel in power though."

If my opponent is a human, I have to see through their way of fighting first before predicting the direction of their sword swing.
But in case of monsters, I get it somehow by reading their mana and muscles movement.

"No no, you can't normally deal with the strength of a monster just by paying attention okay!?"

"Besides, look at the size of the opponent...."

Ruli said that while looking up at the Void Eater who lost one of its arms.
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"Do you think so? If they only have strength then..."

"Yeah. There's countless way to deal with enemies that only excel in strength."

A truly strong opponent, one with a certain degree of intellect at least regardless if it's a monster, would be more trickier to fight.
Incidentally, those kind of enemies are way more fun to fight.
No matter how much strength it has, fighting something that has no intelligence will always end up being simple.

"These people are beyond help already. Their standard is broken..."

"Iris-san is a dragon rather than human though...."

While having that conversation, I cut the regenerated arm that came swinging at me again with my sword.
Guess it's more a front leg than an arm though.

Yup. It's really simple.
Even though I can safely use 【Special Mana Enchant】 up to five times in this open place, there's really no need to use it to the limit.

In fact, the Void Eater already looks exhausted from just losing two huge parts.
--And then.

"Iris, is it ready now?"

I glanced at Iris.
It's a confirmation rather than a question.

Judging from the mana reaction, I already know that Void Eater's back leg that Iris attacked earlier is at its limit.
Even though Iris's spear can't cut off a limb in one hit like with the sword counter, it still has quite the destructive power after all.

"Yes! I can make it fall anytime now! I think!"

"Alright, let's go at it right when this thing makes it move!"

"I understand!"

The Void Eater made its move right when our discussion ended.

"Here it comes, now!"

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