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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 122

Chapter 122 Strongest Sage, Helps the Evolution


"Chance... Is it?"

"Yeah. The biggest annoyance in this fight is fighting the enemy while not letting any get away."

Monsters are still gushing out, though not as vigorous as before.
Continuing to confine them here while our mana keeps decreasing is quite tiresome.
In such a situation, one monster is gathering them all up together while becoming stronger, stopping that monster is absolutely out of question.

"Umm... It feels like it's trying to suck me in too though..."

Iris said that while looking at the monster that's absorbing other monsters.
Iris's hair is fluttering toward the Void Eater.

"...Does it feel like you'll get absorbed?"

"Hnn. Nope, it doesn't feel like that at all. I can sense that it's doing its hardest trying to suck me in though...."

"Figures. That thing isn't strong enough to absorb Iris after all."

Even if she's transformed into human, Iris is still a dragon.
She's different from lesser dragons that sometimes appear in a dungeon, not many monsters have the capability to absorb her, and if one of those monsters were to appear here, all monsters around the capital would have long been gone.
And this country would probably perish by tomorrow.

"Oh looks like the other guy is mostly done while we were talking. We should make our move too."

I took a magic stone out of Storage magic.

"Magic stone... Would you like to augment something?"

Ruli asked me when she saw that.

"Yeah. But before you do the augmenting, careful not to let it get taken away."

I handed over the magic stone and a paper drawn with a magic circle.

"Let it get taken away...?"

Ruli received the magic stone while looking confused--then she shouts out loud in surprises.
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"It's getting pulled by something!"

"It's because the thing that that monster pulls toward it is the magic stones monsters carry inside."

By the way, I don't know where the magic stone of a dragon that has transformed into a human is located.
Judging from the mana aura, I think the magic stone has lost its stone form and been dispersed throughout her whole body.
The augment completed while we were talking.

"It's finished but... What should I do with this?"

"Throw it."

"Throw... You mean to that?"

"Yeah. You can just throw anywhere."

Hearing that, Ruli holds out the magic stone and throws it to the front.


And then the magic stone flew straight to the Void Eater... and got absorbed just like that.

"It went and got absorbed... Should I make another?"

"No, it's good. If you leave an absorption type monster alone, it will evolve irregularly into an incomprehensible creature. I made that magic stone to fixate the direction of its evolution and make it so it can evolve stably."

I observe the monster after saying that.
Looks like it's evolving well.
Good good. Eat a lot and grow big.

"You don't get anything good if you beat that kind of monster the normal way. But you can obtain some good stuff if you stabilize it like that. ...That's better if we're going to beat it anyway right?"

Also, fighting it will be fun.
Beating a monster that has evolved into something weird and can't even fight properly is boring.

"Ah, we're doing this under the assumption that it will be defeated aren't we...."

"But of course. ...And on that note, let's add some more."

I took out numerous low quality magic stones that had no use and threw it all to the Void Eater.
The Void Eater took every piece of the magic stones and went on to evolve.

And two minutes after it showed up.
The Void Eater stopped its absorption, and began to solidify into a form.

Thanks to our magic stone help, it's evolved quite well done.
This looks quite promising.

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