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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 120

Chapter 120 Strongest Sage, Assists the Retreat


"We did it... right?"

A while after the battle started.
The first wave monsters have all been annihilated.

Since the monsters were weak, no one had an injury.
The students also retained half of their mana.

"Oy, what the heck's that!?"

A bit after the subjugation ended.
A student in front of me pointed at the monster outbreak site and shouted out.
A boar monster showed up at the site where the monsters first appeared.


"I-it's big!"

The first wave monsters were weak even though the aggregate amount of mana didn't change.
Which means, the second wave monsters have become even stronger,

This part is influenced by the state of mana in the area at the time, so it's hard to tell what will happens then.
I could predict that far if I was close to the Dragon Vein before the battle begun, but I needed to be around the summoning site this time.

Thus, what will happen from here on is an unknown territory.
One thing for sure, the second wave monsters are an order magnitude different than the first wave ones.
Five of them have showed up, yet they're probably stronger than the entirety of the first wave monsters.

"Calm down! The situation hasn't changed! The monsters only only showed up a bit later! Pull yourself together and attack them!"

Meirad amplified his voice with magic and gave an order to the group.
The students calmly shot magic at the monsters in accordance to his order, however--

"Wha... They're unhurt!"

"This can't be real...."
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"What the hell's up with those monsters!"

The students' magic couldn't even make a scratch on the newly appeared monsters.
And it only took at most two shot to defeat a monster of the first wave.
--Not only that.

"T-they're increasing!"

Of course, the second wave monsters don't end with only five.
One after another, monsters gush out of the ground.

"W-we're retreating! Let's move back to the capital!"

Seeing that, Meirad immediately gave the order to retreat.
Looks like his training as a leader bore fruits.

A leader who can't make a decision quickly in this kind of situation will lead to the annihilation of their unit.
He seemingly lost a bit of his composure as his amplification magic got a bit unstable, but since it was still loud enough to reach the whole group, I guess I'll give him a pass.



The students who had been looking like they wanted to run even before the order ran away the moment Meirad spoke.
They ran at full speed toward the capital.

"Ruli and Alma, you two fight from inside the barrier until something happens. Iris, keep these two safe okay."


I went out of the previously set up barrier.
Most of the summoned monsters haven't taken any action to attack.
However, the monsters who showed up first were enraged by the students' attacks and charged toward them.

Being boars, the monsters aren't slow.
They'll probably catch up at this rate.

The retreat order would have been perfect if he instructed the students to create obstacles with earth magic... but I shouldn't ask too much as this is his first time acting as a leader in a real combat, let's give them a hand.

I activated Physical Reinforcement, kicked the barrier on my feet and accelerated from zero to top speed.
I ran up to a boar and swung my sword.

The monster's head fell without a sound.
Then the monster itself fell down while not realizing its death.

I jumped up into the air while glancing at that boar monster, kicked the barrier in the air to launch myself into the ground, killed the second and third monsters together, kicked the air again to plunge into the remaining monsters and annihilated the leftover monsters.

--This is how to fight a group for a disqualified crest.

Once you've gained a certain degree of power as a Disqualified Crest, ground doesn't have much meaning.
There is a limit to the strength of ground no matter how hard it is, it's highly likely to deform if you kick it seriously.
Barrier you put yourself on your foot is far more reliable.

The biggest advantage of this battle style is mana consumption.
It's very efficient since I just need to use attack magic on sword at a minimum.

Otherwise, I wouldn't have gone on with the idea of fighting against the second wave with just us.
Because the number of monsters we will have to fight from now on isn't anything to scoff at.

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