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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 119

Chapter 119 Strongest Sage, Leaves It to the Leader


"Looks like it's coming on schedule."

The day after we defeated the demons and set up the barrier.
We and the academy students went to a plain near the vicinity of the capital.

Needless to say, it's the place we buried the magic devices yesterday--in other words, we're near the site monsters will come out.
Judging from the mana flow, we have around 30 minutes before the monsters appear.
It's mostly just as I expected.

"I don't see any monster...."

"Will monsters really come out when it's this peaceful?"

"I mean Mathias-kun said they will, so they will right...."

The students form a formation while chattering about this and that.
Well, the formation this time is quite simple though.
On top of having the help of the guidance magic, there's no for need a complex formation.

"C... Can I really be the leader?"

While I was gazing the student, one of them approached and asked me anxiously.
He's Meirad, the leader of this operation.

"Yeah. Monsters will come to this plain, and Meirad will be the leader until there is no more of them here."

I'm going to quit the school after all, while Ruli and the others aren't suited to be a leader, thus I've selected some students who looked qualified to be a leader and made them into leader candidates.
Meirad is one among them.

"Yes! Mathias-sensei!"

By the way, for some reason Meirad treats me as a teacher.
Or rather, about half of the students seemed to have been influenced by Meirad as they've begun treating me as a teacher.
I'm a student through and through though....

I leave the students while thinking about that and watch over the monster outbreak site and the students' state.
Ruli, Alma, Iris and me are excluded in this operation as we're going to deal with the second wave.
I haven't told them about the second wave, though--

"Lastly, Meirad, recall again what you should do in case the unexpected happens?"

"Yes! I must promptly give the order to retreat back to the capital!"
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And this is the result.
Telling them about the second wave beforehand would ruin this rare chance of training.

Retreating as a group is quite difficult.
We will be handling all of battle involving the second wave, so the degree of difficulty will greatly drop for them, but it should be still a fine personal experience.
--The monsters began to appear while I was thinking that.

Un. These monsters look weak.
Defeating them won't net anything good for us.
However, the students don't see it as such.

"What's with their numbers!"

"There's so many of 'em!"

The students began to get flustered when they saw monsters that kept on appearing.
There's around 1200 monsters.
And there's around 150 students participating in this battle, one to eight, should be a good experience.

"Do not flinch! The number of monster is roughly the same as Mathias-sensei's prediction! Let's subjugate them according to plan!"

Meirad gave an order to the flustered students.
And then the students began to regain their composure and shoot out magic.
Disqualified crest students who aren't suited for long-range attack went forward to defeat monsters that escaped the bombardment.

Just as I thought, Meirad has the qualification to be a leader.
He's quite dependab--

"Mathias said we could beat them! So we'd beat them!"

"There's even magic devices set up by Mathias-sensei!"

"Everyone, let's do as Mathi.... Meirad says!"

"Alright, we're winning!"

It's different from what I imagined.
Well they carry out the order well anyway, guess it's all OK.

Thus, the monsters kept decreasing as they defeated them one after another.
--And then, the main event finally shows up.

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