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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 113

Chapter 113 Strongest Sage, Vanishes


"...W-what the hell are you!"

A demon asked in surprise when I showed myself up while killing the third demon.

"T...This guy's Mathias! Spread out as planne--"

Looks like one of the demons know my face.
I activate 【Shrinking Ground】 when I see that demon trying to give an instruction.

"Wha, he disa--"

A demon shouted out in surprise when they saw me suddenly vanishing.
Looks like those demons lost sight of me just now.
It should have been easy to break through 【Shrinking Ground】 by simply looking at the mana reaction.... Present day demons really aren't used to combat.

Thus I kindly show myself up in front of the demon so they won't lose sight of me even by mistake.


I swing my sword horizontally at the demon who couldn't grasp what was going on and let out a stupid voice.
The demon couldn't react until its end as its head got lopped off in one slash and fell to the ground.
Ten remain.

It'll be troublesome if it took the group under control.
Defeating the one who looks like they could take lead is the basic of combat against groups.

"Th... this guy can vanish!"

"How'd you even fight something like--"

The demons shout out in fear after seeing my move just now.
They've completely lost their wits. They look like they're ready to run away anytime now.

....Letting them run will be annoying.
If this many demons use 『Fullpower Flight』 all at once, some could likely escape.
Since The 『Great Barrier of Royal Capital』 that can prevent demons from going in and out is not operational yet.

OK. Let's give them a hint.
When I think about it, it feels like I'm always doing sneak attacks whenever I'm fighting demons.

"It's useless. You have no way to fight back inside this barrier."

After saying that, I regulate my mana to make it look like an emission from barrier magic.
What a lame fake if I do say so myself.

"Barrier--I see! This guy makes himself disappears with control-type barrier! Destroy--"
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However it seems the demons are tricked just fine.
The demons shoot out a huge amount of mana toward a point.

It's a technique called 『Mana Saturation』 used for destroying simple barriers.
With a cracking sound, something seemed like it broke behind me.

Yup, an expected response.
It was worth purposely killing them in an impactful way to rob them off their ability to think calmly.

"Idiot! Combat-type barrier can be easily be broken off with mana!"

Of course the idiot here is the demons.
The barrier we set up isn't so small it could be broken by this level of demon's 『Mana Saturation』.
The sound earlier was something I put out using magic in order to show these demons in an easy to understand way that the barrier had been broken.

"Eh? Why'd he disapp--"

While thinking that, I activated 【Shrinking Ground】 once again and killed the demon who was giving orders.
I also killed two other nearby demons while I was at it.
Seven remain now.

...Should be about time to make it look like they've dealt with 【Shrinking Ground】.
Since they'll likely try to escape if they get too cornered.

And so, I run toward a demon without vanishing myself by kicking barrier magic on my foot.

"I can see him! I can see him! Now we--GUAAAAAA"

When the demon saw me rushing toward it, it shouted out in delight as it swung its magic augmented sword while also shooting a magic.

I put 【Steel Slash】 and 【Mana Strike】 on my sword and cut the demon along with the sword it was going to use to block my sword.
Yup. The new sword is nicely sharp.
This time it had the time to scream its last since I cut its body, not neck.


The remaining demons who saw that backed off while shouting fearfully.
I mean I'm human, I don't think it's right for demons to call me monster....

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