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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 121

Chapter 121 Strongest Sage, Finds Something Unusual


"There sure is a lot of them...."

I circled around the monster outbreak site and hunted any monster that went out of it.
I can't let even one of the second wave monsters outside.
Even that would end in a huge disaster with the current fighting prowess of the academy and the capital.

I guess the silver lining here is that there is no flying-type monster among them.
Even if I could leap around all over the places by kicking barriers, going up to the sky would take too much time.

Dealing with these numbers with just us four is already a huge burden, adding flying ones would be annoying.
I glance at Ruli and the others while thinking that.

Just like the usual, Ruli and Alma are fighting by having Alma shoot the arrows Ruli made.
I didn't tell her which magic circle to use, but she's using the most suitable circle among the ones I taught her for this situation.

"Ruli, the arrow!"


Alma shot the arrow she got from Ruli, it homed in and hit a monster's leg as if it got sucked in.
A good aim that makes good use of her prowess well.

The skull of a monster is sturdy, it's difficult to shoot it in the head and expect the arrow to kill it outright.
However, by injuring the legs to rob the monster off its mobility, her next attack could end it.
There's a less chance of wounded monster attacking them too, it's a wise decision.

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Iris defeated monsters that came close to Ruli and Alma with her spear, and shifted to stone throwing when the monsters stopped their march.

I say stone throwing, but she's not throwing stones an average human could lift.
Cause the stones Iris throws aren't pebbles, but human head-sized rocks.

She's throwing those things with such force that the ground she stands on gets gouged, thus it's not a pretty sight on the monster side.
One after another got defeated with their heads smashed or blown off.
Since her throwing pace isn't that fast, the number of monsters she defeated isn't that much different than Alma's but it's really a show of strength.

I guess it's more like a catapult used to besiege a castle than a human throwing stone.
Well, even these monsters are nothing were Iris reverted to her original form.

By the way, this time Iris isn't going to fight in her original form.
After examining her, we found out that transforming back and forth between human and dragon puts an unexpected amount of burden on her magic circuit, so she has to refrain from transforming expect in an emergency.

While we were fighting like that, I sensed something odd from the monster outbreak site.
Monsters are still gushing forth like always.
However, the monster that showed up is the one that's different.

"Ooh. An unusual one show up too."

Void Eater.
It's a monster I rarely ever saw even before I reincarnated into Mathias.
However, I know its characteristic.

It's a type that absorbs monsters around it and takes their power for itself.
There are other monsters with similar power, but this one is special in that it has no discretion in its target.

If even one of this monster shows up, all other monsters in the surrounding will become its power.
It's just that wonderful of a monster.

"Ma-Mathi-kun! That thing is absorbing other monsters and getting bigger! We've got to hurry and stop it..."

Ruli seems to have noticed it absorbing other monsters.
She pointed and shouted at the Void Eater the moment she saw me.
However... I won't give an affirmative.

"No no, we shouldn't stop it. This is our chance instead."

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