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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 129

Chapter 129 Strongest Sage, Averts Dissolution


"Isn't 30% normal for this level of materials?"

It's true that the price is higher if the materials are powerful and easy to process.
However, these materials aren't extremely strong (if the guild employee is to be believed) and only the students here can process them.
If the materials are hard to process, it naturally gets less shares of the final product's price.

"These materials have never been circulated in the market before so they have no market price... Even so, 30% is way too off. I can understand that much even though I'm not a merchant."

"Then how much would you like?"

"Right... how about 80%. Considering what happened before, it's probably still too low, but I'm not really detailed in market price you see. I think it can go higher if you don't mind waiting for them to be assessed..."

That's quite the leap though... Since it comes from the principal who's had much experiences in this world, I guess that's just how much it is in the market.

Well, I have no problem getting more since I originally intended to sell them at 30% anyway.
Can't lug these baggage around everywhere after all.

"No, I'm fine with 80%. In exchange, please take them off my hand as quickly as possible."

"Got it. We'll carry them to the school's warehouse immediately. Do they need special handling we need to keep in mind?"

"You can keep them like normal monster materials."

It's probably easier than normal monster ones since they're sturdy though.
In the first place, the current students can't process materials that need special handling to keep.

"Is that so... I feel like we just struck gold somehow... Should we deliver the proceeds to you right away after they've been sold?"

"I think that will be difficult. I'm going to the dungeon city soon."

The interesting situation.... I mean the crisis in the capital is over anyway, and I've got the permission to quit school.
I have no more reason to remain in the capital.
Even without my business with the Dragon Vein, just knowing the fact that a city has been built on top of that dungeon compels me to go there.

It probably won't take long going there if I just ride on Iris or run, but I'm not in a hurry to earn money anyway.
No problem getting it whenever I get back to the capital.

"Dungeon city... I see. So you really are going to leave the capital. ...Got it. I'll deliver the money through the guild. I've already prepared the special scholarship document we talked about. The king has given his permission too."
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The principal took a document on his desk and stamped it.
The document is about my enrollment in the school as a 『Special Scholarship Student』 and that I'm not obliged to attend class.

"By the way, I have another three of this document here with me... Is there anyone else who want them? Although you might not compare to Mathias... I believe the other three people here have more than adequate ability to be 『Special Scholarship Students』. Thus, I will write your name here if you wish so."

The principal took three pieces of document.
The content is the same as mine, but there's no name written.
He's quite well prepared.... Putting Iris aside, I wonder about the other two.

Either way, I shouldn't say anything here.
They should decide such important decision like this themselves.


The one who spoke first was unexpectedly, Ruli.

"Ruli... Are you sure you want to quit school?"

"Yes! I'm sorry to principa for saying this, but I think I will learn about augment magic better if I'm by Mathias-kun's side than in the school!"

I see....
Come to think of it, Ruli came here for the sake of learning augment magic.
I can understand where she's coming from then.

"I am in agreement. To begin with, most of the stuff taught in this school are Mathias-style magic now."

The principal also agreed with her.

"I'm going too of course!"

"I just entered this school, is it alright if I go too?"

The two also declared their participation.
And consequently, the principal wrote their names on the documents.

"By the way, you're not required to attend, but you're also not prohibited. Come and show your face around here whenever you feel like it."

The principal stamped all the documents as he said that.
In the end, it seems like I'm gonna go to the dungeon city with this party.

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