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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 128

Chapter 128 Strongest Sage, Suggests Price


"I know a place that can process them."

"...Are you talking about Mathias-san of the Second Academy?"

"No, not him."

That Mathias is right over here though...
Well, it's not like I can't do it, but I have no reason to make equipment for sell.
There are more fitting people for this level of materials.

"Then you mean, his apprentice... Ruli-san?"

That Ruli is right in front of you too.
I mean. They thought of her as my apprentice huh.
Well, considering what we're doing, I guess it's not exactly wrong.

"No need to be particular to any one person, almost everyone in the Second Academy can do it. ...Which means, I'll be selling these to the second academy then."

"...Did Second Academy become the best workshop in the world while I wasn't looking?"

"No no, Second Academy is an educational institution you know."

"...It's way different than the educational institutions I know though..."

I stood, took our luggage from the counter and left the guild.
In the end, we couldn't sell the materials.

Even if the guild has a big counter, the one who's in charge of the purchasing is still a guild employee.
They can't really purchase stuff they can't process or be price-assessed.

"We couldn't sell the materials..."

"Should we ask the academy to do the processing before selling them?"

"That's one option.... But it sounds like it'll be annoying."

I'd have to wait for them if I entrusted the processing to them.
I want to get out of the school and go to the dungeon as soon as possible.
...Therefore, I'm gonna sell these to the second academy for a nice sum.

"Oh, Mathias. Not that I expected anything else... So you were safe."

The principal was present when I went into the principal office.
However, he looks busy somehow.
Wonder if I should leave it for later.

"Yes. I'm here to sell some materials... Are you busy now?"
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No point in reading too much into it myself, so I asked just in case.
If it's no good then I guess I should give up selling them today and hold them off as a reserve.

"I was until a bit ago. But that ended just now... Ayle, get in touch with the others. Tell 'em that the crisis is over."


The principal threw the documents in his arms onto his desk and issued an instruction to someone nearby.
The documents pertain a plan to hold off the monsters and evacuate the capital's citizen.... and there's 『Mathias Rescue Operation』 with a huge X mark on it.

Next to the X mark, there's 『We can't possibly oppose enemy whom Mathias couldn't even run away from. Give up trying to intercept them and just run.』
It looks like the principal was busy preparing in case we failed the second wave subjugation.

"So... Are those the materials you're trying to sell? I can tell that they're tremendous just by looking, but I'm sure the guild should be the one in charge of dealing with materials."

The principal pointed at the materials we brought.

"The guild couldn't purchase them. They don't know how to process them. But since the students here should be capable to do that, I thought of selling these to the academy."

Not just processing them, but buying them too.
We can leave the materials here and go to the dungeon with this.

"...I see... Handling powerful materials are indeed difficult, but thanks to Mathias-style educations, our Glory Crest students have progressed remarkably technique-wise... However, this academy doesn't have the budget to purchase all those tremendous materials you know?"

"You can pay the money later when they've been sold. The price is... how about 30% of the sales."

The price rate of raw materials for these kind of special materials is 30% of the market price.
At least that's how it was in my past life, not sure how it is now.

"Th...30 percent!? Isn't that just too low no matter how you look at it!?"

...Huh? 30% is too low?

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