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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 16-9

16-9. Sera's Resolution


※ This chapter is told from Sera's point of views

--Faith or love, which one should I pick.

The kind and gentle Satou-san cannot approve of the gods' undiscriminating divine punishment.
To the point that it even prompted him to shelter Weasel Empire, who was the culprit, into another world using a power that was no difference than that of god.

If Satou-san were to really come into conflict with gods, I wonder what I should do....

"--To the Duchy capital?"
"I'd like to consult something with Tenion Temple's head miko--Lily-dono you see."

As I was worrying endlessly and stuck in the maze of my mind at the Solitary Island Palace, Satou-san invited me along to the Duchy Capital for a change of pace.
Of course I didn't say no.

"Are we going on an airship today?"

--That's unusual.

Satou-san could have gone back to our Duchy Capital in an instant with his space magic and Unique Skill.

"Yes, sometimes traveling in the air is nice for a change."
"You're right, it is."

This time, I'm the only one among the Solitary Island Palace members who's going with Satou-san.
A journey of only two, though imprudence, it's a bit exciting.


"Satou-sama, so this is Satou-sama's personal airship."
"Sorry about this, Satou."

Why am I seeing two third wheels here.

"If you really feel sorry then you can just fly there with that Flying Wooden Horse."

I threw some sarcastic words to ane-sama who unreservedly made use of Satou-san while also peeling the touchy feely Ane-sama off Satou-san

I don't want to show dark emotions in front of Satou-san, but I can't control it well when I'm dealing with ane-sama.
I'm sure that the inferiority complex I had in my childhood still remains in the depth of my heart even now.


"Ririna-san, hugging a gentleman's arm who is not your fiance is shameless for a lady."

Good grief, I really cannot let my guard down.
I peeled off Ririna who promptly clung on Satou-san's arm.

"Ara? Sera, are you being jealous of a kid?"
"I'm not jealous! I'm just guiding her how to act like a lady."
"Hmmm, guiding huh--"

I calmly brushed off ane-sama who chided me while looking happy.


Ane-sama suddenly embraced Satou-san's head.

"Onee-sama! You're shameless!"

I cannot believe it.
It's another matter with Ririna who's still a child, but it isn't something an adult woman like ane-sama should act like.

"Ara? Grandfather-sama told me to marry Satou you know? That means we're like fiance and fiancee now right?"


Please stop with such jokes, it will only serve to stimulate ane-sama.

I endured myself to deal with ane-sama until we arrived at the duchy capital in order to prevent her from troubling Satou-san.

Yes, I was relieved from the bottom of my heart the moment I saw the duchy castle's spire from the window.

"It has been awhile Satou-san."
"Nice to meet you again, Head Miko--No, Miko Lily."

The morning after the day we arrived at the duchy capital, I accompanied Satou-san to visit Tenion Temple.
Satou-san wishes to meet the gods.

"Since that's what you wish for, I'd love to have it granted it, but--"

Lily-sama paused.

"If you want to talk with a god yourself, then there is no choice but to use 『Invoke Deity』 to let a god advent into my body."

--Invoke Deity.

It's the ultimate holy magic to let one part of god descend unto your own Soul Vessel.

In the history books of Tenion temple, there were records of miko and priests utilizing Invoke Deity in order to fights against demon lords and greater demons' invasions.
However, every one of them required a great compensation.
Worse than even losing their life, they apparently had their Soul Vessel broken.

It probably is not possible for the tiny vessel of man to bring into themselves a huge existence that is god.

"No, the compensation for that magic is much too big."
"If it's for you and this world's sake, I don't mind giving up this soul of mine you know?"

Lily-sama jokingly said that to Satou-san who was shaking his head.

However, Lily-sama is being serious.
I'm scared that she would really do it were Satou-san nodded.

Lily-san suggested the method an ancient king used to have a dialog with gods to Satou-san who asked for another mean.

We asked for the current head-miko's permission to enter Tenion Temple's banned archive and looked for the document we sought.

"Here it is--looks like it needs quite a difficult ceremony."

Lily-sama muttered while looking over a banned book.

The ceremony needed some rare items, but Satou-san arranged them up in a line with a calm face as usual.
Please stop treating the philosopher's stone like taking a pebble out of your pocket.

Look, Lily-sama is gettng dumbfounded there.

"Ufufu, you really are amazing."

The childish looking Lily-sama smiles at Satou-san.
Her maiden in love air is making my heart ache, I wonder if I'm imagining things.

"The ceremony needs Prayer magic you see. If Sera can recite it, can I leave it to you?"
"I have never tried using the magic, but I believe I can do it."
"If you aren't sure, I don't mind using it myself, but--"

Lily-sama whispered into my ears with a mischievous look on her face.

"--The ceremony requires you two to stick together in bare."


It's too shameless!

An unmarried maiden embracing with a gentleman naked!!

"But Sera, aren't you used to embracing Satou-san naked?"

Lily-sama said some unbelievable things.

"M-Me and Satou-san, doing such a thing!"
"Sera, he'll hear you if you're too loud you know?"
"Eh? U-umm, err--"

Lily-sama reproved me when I reflexively shouted out loud.

"So what would you do, Sera? I can do it for you if you're embarrassed you know?"

Lily-sama looks into my eyes with a teasing look.
The figures of Satou-san and Lily-sama embracing each other in nude flashed in my mind.

--I don't want that.

I resolved myself at the words that flashed for an instant.
I breathe deeply and put strength in my stomach.

"--I will do it."

Lily-sama nodded satisfyingly at my limp teary sounding voice that was in contrast to my resolution.

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After parting with Satou-san who went back to the duchy castle, I was led by Lily-sama to a work room at a corner of the sanctuary.

"Well then Sera. Please work on this."

She handed me a ceremonial white holy robe and two spools of jade silk thread.
Along with a handbook about ceremonial embroidery patterns.

--Don't tell me, I have to embroider the holy robe starting from now?

"U-umm, but the ceremony is in two days...."
"It's alright, I'm sure Sera could do it."

Lily-sama replied my question with a smile.

"You're good at embroidery right?"

It appears that there is no escaping this.

"I'll do my best."

I quickly and carefully begin to embroider.
Of course, I'm doing it while putting my prayers to god Tenion.

I kept working until total exhaustion, and on midnight of the ceremony day--

"Oh no, I fell asleep."

I raised up in a hurry and checked to see if the holy robe were dirtied.


Even though there should have been more than half of unfinished embroideries, everything is already done.

Having no idea what happened, I looked around and found nutritional supplements and snacks that would still taste good eaten cold at the corner of a table.


Warmth coming from the bottom of my heart warms me up.

<--O my dear human child>

A voice that isn't a voice.

<O young girl in love>

Neither it is a thought, the words fall from the sanctuary's ceiling.

<Speak of your feelings.>

I surrender myself to the sudden oracle.
I spoke to my heart's content just as god Tenion desired.

--The next morning.

The embroidery pattern on the robes gets transcribed onto my body by Lily-sama and current head miko-sama's holy magic.

Everything is ready now.

"Sera, give it your all."
"I'm sure you can do it."
"Yes, Lily-sama, head miko-sama."

Miko who have undergone purification ceremony are lined up along the ceremony place.

"King entering--"

Satou-san who was wearing ancient king-like clothing walked into the ceremony in the sanctuary.

Coupled with the classical king clothing, today Satou-san really looks like a king.
He looks more dignified than usual.

"O king, stand before miko."

Satou-san followed the current head miko words and came walking here.

Satou-san whose eyes met mine lets out his usual gentle smile.
Even though he's going to communicate with god Tenion, he's acting like he always is.

"O king, discard your worldly garment."

Two miko take off Satou-san's clothing.
It was over in an instant since there was only one piece.

The miko blushed to see Satou-san's symmetrical naked body.
I stared at Satou-san's calm eyes to keep my line of sight from going down.

"O miko of guidance, discard your worldly garment."

The miko take off my robe.

When I think that Satou-san is watching, I feel so embarrassed it's enough to turn my whole body red.
Even though I'm feeling this embarrassed, Satou-san looks nonchalant as usual.

It's somehow--no, it's really frustrating.

But this isn't the time for that.
I have to continue with the ceremony for Satou-san's sake--.

"O miko of guidance, show the king the way."

I spread both my arms and embrace Satou-san's upper arms.
Even though Satou-san's body look as soft as that of a woman, it's covered with slightly hard muscles.

The serene light of the sanctuary, and the words of miko celebrating for god soothe my heart that's falling into disarray from that sensation.


I look up at the sanctuary's ceiling and calls for god Tenion.

--Great god who watches over us.

A light falls from the sky as if answering my call.
This warm light is god Tenion's holy light.

I surrender myself to god Tenion's holy light like I always did when receiving oracles.

<O my dear child of man. O king who calls for me by way of maiden. State your wish-->

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