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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 20

Chapter 20 Would You Defend Bunny Ears!


"Small~ change~♪ Small~ change~♪ turn~ into big change~ if you save~♪"

I got back from the dungeon while humming a parody of a certain Tara* commercial song.
Hi, Nobusada who's turning into a miser here.
Breaking into a smile when I only got small change even though I wanted to go out with a bang must be the proof of my prepubescent age.

I tried to see if I could use skills of other classes on my way back, and there was no problem. Monsters came charging at me when I provokingly shouted out loud. At State: Enraged.

And now me just got to the guild you know?
...Looks like I'm still excited by my first dungeon. My tension is a bit weird.
The sun has set already and there's a few people in the guild.

I probably should sell all the few piled up Soul Stones I have. Which means, time to go to the counter where I sold the wild boar before.

"Excuse me, would it be alright if I sell my Soul Stones here?"

When I called out, the tough looking old man I met before came out.

"Umu, you can do that here dearu."

"Then could you please assess them."

"Let me see, seven black pebble Soul Stones and two red Soul Stones dearuka. If we consider the enclosed mana... 90 mani each for the black one, and 520 mani each for the red one dearu. This already includes the commission fee, so the total is 1,670 mani dearuna. Are you fine with that?"

By the way, I'm planning to show the poison stuff to Sefi-san later, so it's not included here now.

"Yes, if you please."

16,700 yen in half a day fights. Considering I'm risking my life on the line, wonder if that's too low or too high...
Well, I ended up getting out with my life and grew up too. Since I'm in the black anyway, everything's fine. Let's think so.
Ah, the purchasing counter old man seems to be called Ranba-san. Appraisal? I didn't use it, I just looked at his name tag. I've had more than enough fill of old man element today.
Let's finish the business and go back to the inn to get some rest. Wonder what's the chef's recommendation today. I've earned some money and got some optional stuff after all, no harm in rewarding myself, right!

The dining room was overflowing with adventurers when I got there. Specifically drunkards, lots of them.
Minerva-chan and the other waitress are running around hectically among them.

"We need one bottle of ale. With French fries for the snack please."

"Here's three spit-roast set. And another two, bring them out."

"Please hold the grill set. We don't have enough hands."

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Umu, it's a battlefield.

Err, where's an open seat... Ah, the seat on the counter I sat on earlier is open, lucky me.

One waitress approached me when I sat. It's a 12-13 year old bunny ear girl. This cute bunny ear girl seems to be vice-chef Rakog-san's daughter. I happened to overhear it yesterday.

Which means, ladies and gentlemen, Rakog-san (a man in his forties whose forehead has a case of receding hair) is also bunny eared!
Bunny ear old man! Who asked for this!!

However, that might be an inescapable reality if we want to preserve the bloodline of bunny ears. Ah, by the way, he's usually wearing a tall chef hat or something so the ears ain't usually visible.

"Thank you for waiting. May I take your order."

"Fruit juice and the recommended set special please. Oh and spit-roast set too."

"Yes, it might take a bit. Please wait a moment."

Oh wait I will. My stomach is waiting for the chef's dish. Ah, I can't get enough of this cooking smell.

But they really look busy. I can see the kitchen from here, I'm amazed that they can keep it together with how few they are. Wonder what'd happen if even one of them collapsed.

I look around the store interior while waiting for my meals.

Many of the customers are young people. Geh, there's the lolicon party too.
You guys, don't detain Minerva-chan. That's a fail. This place would get jammed if you stop even one in this busy time.

Ah they got scolded by Minerva-chan and looked like going to cry, pu.
Our eyes almost met when I almost spurted out my drink so I hurriedly turned around.
Oh right, they probably don't have refrigerator so there's no cold beverages.
The climate here is nice, neither cold or hot, wonder if they have four seasons here.

"Thank you for waiting. Here's the set special and fruit juice. I'll bring you the roast spit in a bit, so please wait okay."

Yay, meals.
The set special today is chicken cutlet! Aah, I'm craving for some rice. I don't particularly dislike bread, but a Japanese hast to have their rice with cutlet after all. I still ended up eating everything while I was feeling nostalgic about rice before the spit roast came. Chef, this is just too good.


Everyone turned around at the source of the sound.
It seems bunny ear-chan bumped into an adventurer and dropped a porcelain cup.

"M-My apologizes, honored guest. I will bring the replacement right away."

"You damn beast! You went and dirtied my brand new armor!"

Looking closer, the potato soup that was in the cup is very slightly spilt on his armor. 

Still, damn beast he said?! What violent words he spat out.
His party members next to him are not stopping him, or rather they're grinning. Uwaah, they're the type of people I absolutely don't wanna befriend.

"Hii, I-I'm sorry. I'll wipe it off."

Bunny ear-chan took out a handkerchief and timidly extend her hand to wipe the adventurer's armor.
But those hands were violently knocked before reaching the armor.

"Don't touch me you beast! If ya really feel sorry, go get me a new one. This is Red Helm Leather Armor, so it cost 20,000 mani tho'."

It doesn't look like something that nice though....

Red Helm Bear Leather Armor (?)
Quality: Very Bad - Enclosed Mana: 0/0
Remarks: A leather armor made of Wash Bear. Since it's forcefully made to look like Red Helm Bear outwardly, the quality is inferior and it barely has defensive power.

Yep, it's genuinely a counterfeit product. Wash Bear... Wait Araiguma (Common Raccoon)!?

Wait, this isn't the time for this. I break through the crowd and run to where bunny ear-chan is in a hurry.

"Hii, no. I can't afford that much with my wages..."

"In the first place, yer' a sore here. What are you gonna do if that fur of yers get into my meal you carry. Aa, just cough it up will ya? Or maybe I should sell you to the slave trader!"

I got in-between them right when the man was going to grab bunny ear-chan's hands. Phew, made it.

"Haahn, what do you think yer' doing, you brat."

"Now now, let's all calm down, senpai. Your rank seems to be high judging by your appearance, let us settle this like an adult we are."

"Shut it! Where'd ya came from. You charged here fully aware that we we're D rank party 『Eimesvi』 didn't ya."

No, I don't know you guys at all. D means that they're the same rank as Mitama's party huh. But their quality as people are really far apart...

"No well, I just got here recently, so I really don't know, sorry. And about that armor, I can judge a little you see, it's made of a different material isn't it. It's of Wash Bear no matter how I look at it, so I don't think that armor should cost that much."

--Wash Bear he said.
--Then it shouldn't even worth 1000 mani ain't it?
--Pu, after haggling so hard he still got tricked for a counterfeit.

The gallery peanut snickered at him. That's fine and all, but isn't there anyone here going to stop him? Is it because they all know they're D rank?

The male adventurer is red in rage for getting pointed out. Oh right, I don't even know his name.

Name: Gian - Gender: Male - Age: 27 - Race: General Human
Class: Fist Fighter Lv18 - State: Enraged
Title None - Party Name: 『Eimesvi』
Fist Art Lv 3 - Theft Lv1 - Evasion Lv1 - Life Magic

Oy oy oy, what the heck is Theft. Is that a skill too? It's frustrating but he's stronger than me.

"Ya asked for iiit! C'mere outside ya damn brat. First time I got this humiliated. I'mma beat ya to death."

Tehe, I provoked him naturally. Well, I got his attention away from bunny ear-chan so my initial goal is accomplished.

Can I survive through this! Next time, Nobusada flying in the air! Please look forward to Nobusada's flying style!

<TLN: Nobusada updates will resume.>

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