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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 114

Chapter 114 Strongest Sage, Annihilates


"You demons have no right to call me... monster!"

I cut a nearby demon as I said that.


Most of the demons have lost their will to fight, they could only huddle together in fear without even trying to block or counter as their heads roll.
While some of the demons are trying to escape.

It seems these demons don't want to show any chance in front of me as not even one of them attempt to use 『Fullpower Flight』.
--However, the remaining five demons are all within the range of my magic.
I expand a small magic on the unfolded wings of the demons who try to fly away.

『Light Press』.
Just as the name suggests, it's just a very simple low-powered magic for lightly pressing an object.

The effect time is also short, you can say that this spell art is useless in combats.
In actuality, these demons could probably fly away just fine if they just forced their way through it.

However, the demons who got hit by the magic had despaired looks on their faces.

"Wha, the barrier should have been destroyed already--"

That's right.
The demons mistook the 『Light Press』 for having hit the barrier.
--Of course I timed its activation and direction just right so they would misunderstood.


The demon who got cornered and locked in the barrier (by misunderstanding) chose the sole path to escape; they flew toward me.
Some shot attack magic on me, some tried to use magic to dazzle me, there were even some who tried to cut me with swords.
However, these demons wouldn't have ended up in this situation if those sorta things could get them out of this.


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Using my sword and magic, I thoroughly kill the demons who tried to beg for their life and screamed out loud.
I'm not sure who's the villain here now....

While thinking about that, I defeated the fourteen demons that were in the royal capital's sky.

"...Looks like this body can finally fight at a minimum now."

The fight was over far too quick.
Well, it's largely because of the sword.
The weapons I had been using up until now would be annoying to use if I had to defeat many of them after all.

"That many demon, in an instant...?"

"Didn't he vanish just now?"

"So Mathias can even turn himself invisible..."

I heard those voices when I canceled the barrier magic foothold and descended to the ground.
It appears the people on the ground couldn't figure out the sword trick I did in the air earlier.
The trick should have been very easy to see through seen from the ground though.

That was just an application of 『Shrinking Ground』 magic to hide your figure for a short while, I simply moved away from the enemy's line of sight right after I cut one, rinse and repeat.
That's why it's a kind of trick instead of magic.

Were the demons look around at the surroundings, they would have easily figured it out.
That's why I needed to purposely show only my sword to gather the attention.
Of the killed demons, not me.

The time it took to finish it was short but defeating 14 demons without letting anyone escape was quite a troublesome tightrope to walk on.
--And I've got a more troublesome work to do after this.


『I've dug up the hole for the barrier, go and set up the magic tool inside it. Iris is holding it up with her magic right now, but it won't last too long.』

I sent a message using short-range telepathic magic to Ruli and Alma who were rushing toward me on the ground.

『Yes! ...Huh? What about Mathi-kun...』

『I've got a bit of work to do.』

I slip through the crowd who's celebrating the victory using 【Shrinking Ground】.
The demons in the capital sky have been annihilated... But that doesn't mean that the fight is over.
Or rather, judging from the gravity of the matter, you can even say that the real thing starts from here on.

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