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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 125

Chapter 125 Strongest Sage, Chain Strikes



Iris pierced the Void Eater's leg right as I cut its arm with counter.
With a thunderous roar that didn't sound like a spear hitting flesh, the Void Eater's leg was destroyed and the monster fell on the ground.

"Let's finish it off!"


While the other three are launching their attacks on the Void Eater, I get close to its head and put magic on my sword.
【Steel Slash】 【Sharpen】 【Mana Strike】--

After putting around 10 magic on the sword, I swing it toward the Void Eater's neck.
With a splash sound, the Void Eater's neck was shallowly cut.

Of course I'm not done yet.
I invoke barrier magic as the sword passes through Void Eater's neck. I also activate Physical Reinforcement and Acceleration magic together, and push the sword while driving it back forcefully.

As a result, my sword bounced up at a speed higher than the downward swing and cut off the Void Eater's neck.


The Void Eater tried to counterattack while shouting agonizingly, but I evaded it by slightly swaying my upper half without moving an inch from where I stand.
I could easily avoid its limbs when it was still in top form.
There is no way a counterattack it launched in desperation while it was down could hit me.

And then my sword leaped again with magic and created a deep wound on the Void Eater's neck while rising in speed.
One of the true values of Disqualified Crest is this chain strikes.

Along with single powerful blow using 【Special Mana Enchant】, but in this chain strikes case, I can keep doing it until either my mana ran out or the enemy died off.
I rapidly decrease the Void Eater's health while evading its attacks and adjusting the trajectory of my attacks and what magic to put on them.
Iris's spear, Ruli's and Alma's arrows also continue to pierce the enemy's weak points.

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Finally, the Void Eater howled loudly--and stopped moving.
The battle has ended.

"...Did we... win?"

"Yeah. ...Look, they're some good material aren't they?"

I picked up the Void Eater's arm that fell nearby, plucked the claw and showed it to Ruli.

"I-It feels like there's an amazing power emanating from it somehow...."

"That's cause this contains lots of mana. Besides, its head was cleanly lopped off, so the materials are in prime state."

The monster could regenerate its arm by using mana so defeating it would have been easier by repeatedly cutting the arms off, but that would result in inferior materials.
Yet, cutting the arms off only for several times wouldn't degrade it, so refraining from doing so would have been wasteful too.
You need to regulate the frequency of cutting a Void Eater well to get the best of it.

By the way, the fur isn't worth that much, but I'm still taking it with me nonetheless.
Might be useful for something if we sell it at the guild.

"Leaving that aside, the fact that this monster showed up likely means that the situation with the Dragon Vein might have turned interesti--dangerous. We should go take a look at the great dungeon while also taking the chance to train there."

I pointed at the Void Eater's remain.
Making this particular monster emerge doesn't need a lot of mana in itself, however, it's not a monster that would normally appear.

"Great dungeon...?"

"Yeah. Let's see, where's the map... It's around here."

I took a map out of Storage magic and pointed at a dot there.
I made the map myself using my knowledge of olden terrains, so there's no city names or anything like that written, but it should be geographically correct.
Ruli peeks at the map and replies, sounding like she gets it.

"Oh I see, you're talking about Melkia Dungeon. I'm sure we're free to come and go to that dungeon city!"


However, some unfamiliar words were mixed in it.
...Dungeon City?

"Is there anything wrong? ....Alma, this place is Melkia isn't it?"

"Un, I think it is...."

A city on top of... The Great Dungeon Babiel?
By the current civilization of this age?

"Hey, that city must possess quite the war force right?"

"Un. I think the capital's order of knights is still the strongest, but there's a lot of adventurers in dungeon city.... So the dungeon city might be a bit stronger!"

A bit stronger than the royal capital... Which means practically nonexistent.
They made a city with that kind of defense on that dungeon huh.

Yup. I'm surprised that this country managed to avoid getting destroyed so far.
Almost miraculous even.

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