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Okami wa Nemuranai 4.5_6


"Now then, today we'll be on the move. We'll take a break once at noon, but after that, we're gonna keep running all day, so keep that in mind. Here, hold onto these."

Lecan was given ten pills.

"What are these?"

"It's the stamina recovery medicine you wanted so much."

"So they were solid."

"To use, chew on one pill when you feel tired. Your body will regain its strength. However, it is not without drawbacks. I'll let you see for yourself how it's like."

"Got it."

The two began to run after having a light breakfast.

A huge luggage bag is swaying on Shira's back. The smaller bag with the herbs inside is inside the bigger bag.

Looking again, the short sword that was on Shira's waist is nowhere to be seen. It must be inside the bag.

They really were running all day that day. Even drinking water was done while running. Moreover, unlike the first day, the terrain had quite a lot of rises and falls, at noon they had to climb a very steep slope, so Lecan's legs quickly reached their limit.

Lecan took one stamina recovery pill.

His legs immediately regained their strength, thus he was able to raise his speed.

However, since they kept climbing up more slopes, his legs lost their strength in no time.

As such, he took another pill.

And then strength got back to his legs, however, the pain on his joints remained and the deep fatigue in his body hadn't gone away.

After arriving at their destination, his body felt painful and sluggish.

--I see. The effect abates if you use it successively. And even though it removes muscular fatigues, your physical condition hasn't actually been restored for real. This means I cannot rely too much on stamina recovery medicine.

This wouldn't have happened were he still had the jewel Lady Rubianafale took from him. Having his stamina slowly recovering wouldn't give him any backlash, nor accumulated fatigue.

The stamina recovery medicine of this world is inconvenient.

However, this medicine should come in handy in a drawn-out fight with some tough opponent.

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Shira spoke out after they had their dinner.

"Could you show me that overcoat of yours."

After hesitating a bit, Lecan took his Overking Bear overcoat from <Storage> and handed it over to Shira.

Shira stared at it, then rubbed and stretched it before immediately went to check the area around the collar. Lecan thought to himself, 'as expected'. That's exactly the part where the enchanted jewel has been embedded.

"Hmm. This thing's got some impressive magic defense. Mind if I have a go at it."

"...I don't mind."

A light flew off Shira's fingertip, burning the overcoat a bit.

Shira carefully looks at the impact point.

She was staring for quite a long time.

"Hummm. This is amazing. It's restoring itself back. I've never seen an enchant that can restore items' state, you know. Lecan, would this enchant still work if you take this jewel off and put it on another item?"

"No. The enchant will lose its effect if you take it off the overcoat, forever."

"Really now. This was enlightening. That said, my <Analysis> can't comprehend this spell formation at all. Lecan, sorry but could you lend me your sword for a bit."

She's one sharp-sighted granny. Having no other choice, Lecan received the overcoat, took his sword out of Storage and gave it to Shira. The jewel with <Self-Restoration> was embedded inside the blade, but of course Shira saw through that.

"Hmm. Seems like it's got the same structures as the overcoat. How'd this even work. If this could be reproduced, this world's magic will take a huge leap forward."

Lecan had no interest in such things.

"<Lamplight (Parm)>"



He cast and canceled <Lamplight> magic over and over again. In various sizes, various brightness, various distances. The farther away the activation spot is, the harder it is to control.

His control improved after repeating it over and over.

At sunrise the next day, Lecan took out a note and a pen, and began to write about the type of herbs and their effect.

Shira took some paper and a pen as well and wrote something.

Shira was done with her business first, and by the time she was done with her meal that she had prepared, Lecan finished his work.

"Sorry. Kept you waiting."

"It's alright. Here, I'm giving this to you."

It was a list of magic.

Body type.




Mind type.








Perception type.








Creation type.

Pain Water.

Space type.







Light and Heat type.


Bright Light.




Fire Arrow.

Flame Spear.


Special type.







Holy type.



Lecan asked Shira since there were some words he couldn't read. As such, he managed to read them all, however, he had no idea what kind of magic they were.

"You don't have to learn them all right here and now. I'm gonna teach you slowly from now on. Also, what's on this list is the standard classification used on this continent, however there are some people who use other classification systems, and magic names are as varied as there are mages out there. Oh and these are all basic magic, there's a lot more derivations and higher ranked magic other than these ones. I didn't put magic that need ritual, catalyst, or ones that need multiple mages to cast either. But well, you should get to know the basic with this list, and it should make it easier to understand the kind of spells and types of magic you're going to learn from here on."

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