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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 234

Chapter 234 Strongest Sage, Finds a Nice Spot


Several days have passed since we infiltrated Saihill Empire and purified the Source.
We got back safely to Eis Kingdom's capital.

However, the problem isn't over yet.
The one behind the incident where demons mixed poison in Saihill Empire's tap-water and collected life force was a king of ancient civilization, Grevil.

And Grevil has made a declaration that he would make humankind go extinct if we don't defeat him in three months time.
If the one who said this was a normal demon or a human, I wouldn't bother going along with it and just cut them down... but that can't be done when the other party is a king of an ancient civilization.
Artifacts from ancient civilizations actually have the power to destroy humans of this era, and Grevil must know how to use those.

...And thus, we're all gathered here today to decide our next move.

"For now let's decide on our destination."

I take out a map... Eis Kingdom's dungeons map.
The list details dungeons that have been found in present time.

By the way, I've got the king to give us the permission to enter these dungeons.
We can enter any dungeon except a few that are connected to the national secret.

We got the permit promptly when we asked through the principal.

"Is this a map of dungeons?"

"Yeah. Dungeons are the most efficient and quickest way to raise our strength... I've told you about the existence of experience point, haven't I?"

"About how if you defeat monsters, the one who did the feat would gradually get stronger?"

"Yeah. Efficient spots to farm those experience point exist within dungeons."

I stare at the dungeon map.

Dungeons that are well suited to gain experience point were highly prized even in my past life.
As such, dungeons that had nice hunting grounds were famous.

Of course I remember which dungeons those were.
From places that are well known to little known spots where only select few knew.

I was thinking of using those dungeons if some still remained, but...
Fortunately, only one dungeon where that applies still remains today. It's not that far from the royal capital either.

Nowadays, that dungeon appears to be called 『Iliad-managed Dungeon』.
Back in the days, it was called 『The First Dungeon』, popular with beginners to gain exp.

It boasted super efficient exp gain to the point of excessive, it was the best hunting ground even among the numerous exp spots elsewhere.
What luck for this place to remain.

It seems to be managed by the kingdom... but entering it should be a simple matter with the king's permit.

"I think this 『Iliad-managed Dungeon』 is a good one, do you know anything about this place?"
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"Iliad... You mean the 『Gambling Dungeon』?"

"Oh yeah that's right, it's officially called 『Gambling Dungeon』. That dungeon is pretty famous!"

Looks like Ruli and Alma know about our destination.
It's got this weird name, 『Gambling Dungeon』...  Wonder what that means.

"How did it end up getting called 『Gambling Dungeon』?"

"It's cause challenging the dungeon is like gambling just as the name suggests. It has a device that can automatically take you up and down, but it usage fee is really really high..."

"If you can hunt properly, you win big! But if you're quick to retreat, big loss! ...So it's called Gambling Dungeon! It seems like there's a lot of people dying because they force themselves in order to recoup back the fee..."

I see. Thus Gambling Dungeon huh.

The device that automatically take you up and down probably refers to what was known as 『Dungeon Elevator』 in the past.
In the past era, dungeons used by beginners have devices called 『Dungeon Elevators』 installed inside.

Some people were against it, saying 『Rookies are getting weak cause they got it easy』 due to the 『Dungeon Elevators』... But I was in favor of it.
Traveling in shallow floors is only a waste of time after all, you'd want to get the right floor.
If you want to efficiently get stronger, you ought to use any mean necessary, be it Dungeon Elevator or anything, to get to the suitable places and fight there.

"Is that device a relic of ancient civilization?"

"Apparently it is. Don't you think it's amazing how they could make something like that inside a dungeon!"

"The elevator itself is simple to build as long as you have knowledge about magic tools, you only need to break the dungeon floors then."

It really is 『Dungeon Elevator』.
Though it's only natural as in this era the only people who have the skill to install elevators inside dungeons are Second Academy.

By the way, with Second Academy's skill set, making 『Dungeon Elevator』 up to floor 5 should be feasible.
Add Ruli, and it could go a bit deeper.
Though since 『Iliad-managed Dungeon』's 『Dungeon Elevator』 goes to floor 99, there's no need to make one ourselves.

"But why the 『Gambling Dungeon』? Exploring it may be easy if we have the money for it, but the place isn't exactly brimming with exp is it? And since lots of adventurers go to the dungeon, there's probably not a whole lot of monsters we can beat."

"That only applies to very shallow floors, doesn't it?"

"If I'm not mistaken, even skilled parties only managed to reach floor 13! ...But there's probably not a lot of people in deeper floors either way, by floor 10 it should be mostly untouched!"

...I see.
Come to think of it, that's just how it is with the dungeon situation in this era.

"Then nothing to worry about. We're heading to floor 27."


"With our strength now, it won't be difficult at all. We'll get stronger in one fell swoop with a tremendous amount of experience point."

『The First Dungeon Floor 27』 was one of the most famous hunting grounds in the past era.
That floor is quite special, it's dangerous if you tread on it carelessly, but if you use magic that's specifically good for that spot, you'll be rewarded with a huge amount of exp easy.

As such, the disputes for the hunting ground were very fierce, and there were many rules before you were allowed to make use of it... But we have a monopoly now.
It shouldn't take too long to farm experience point.

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