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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 238

Chapter 238 Strongest Sage, Discovers Powerful Enemy


『Finally, floor 27...』

『Can we really beat the monsters there? ...I'm getting a bit nervous here...』

『I'm ready to go at them anytime!』

Alma who was the most enthusiastic suddenly had cold feet after coming this far.
Well, I guess it's good that she's afraid of unknown foes.
You'd only meet an early death if you're never afraid of anything.

On the other hand, Iris is the same as always.
I guess Floor 27 and Floor 1 don't seem at all different for the Dark Dragon Iris.
Even if Floor 27 monsters all bunch up together to go up against her, she won't even suffer a scratch.

As I was thinking that while riding the 『Dungeon Elevator』... an enormous mana reaction suddenly appeared below.
Distance-wise... It's Floor 27.

『I can feel some incredible mana from here though...』

『S-so this is Floor 27 monsters...! Mathi-kun, are we going to gain exp by defeating this?』

Alma and Ruli noticed slightly after I did.
It's hard to grasp mana reaction in the surroundings since there's a lot of noise inside the Dungeon Elevator... But not when it's this huge.

Ruli and Alma are observing such mana reaction... And this one is obviously not coming from an ordinary monster.
Floor 27 monsters aren't this strong.


『That's the Floor Boss.』

『Floor 27 Boss!?』

Even in my previous life, it was rare to see the Floor Boss of this floor.

As it was a popular hunting ground used by many magic combatants to train, there were veteran magic combatants in the area to deal with unforeseen circumstances.
As such, every time the Floor Boss showed up, it immediately got eliminated by those combatants.
The average life expectancy of the Floor Bosses here was 10 minutes if I'm not mistaken.

However, just because the olden magic combatants could beat it in 10 minutes, doesn't mean this Floor Boss is weak.
Top-notch magic combatants back in the days were powerful enough to kill weakling demons in this era with one shot.

They still couldn't deal with top level demons though, so I and that sword nerd Loita usually ended up getting called.

『...Should we go back?』

『No, we'll keep going.』

The Floor Boss may be strong but nothing impossible to beat.
Even I was able to solo a Floor 21 Boss when I was in the Second Academy back then.

My power has gone up since then, and I'm with Ruli, Alma and also Iris now.
It's really not a foe we cannot beat.

『How are we gonna fight the Floor 27 Boss...?』
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『Just knock it down like usual. Ruli and Alma are to attack from afar while I and Iris deal with its attacks.』

There's no need for some elaborate plans to beat this Floor 27 Boss.
Attack it upfront and defeat it with the difference in strength. That's it.

『I gotcha!』

Iris replied immediately to me.
I suppose Floor 27 Boss is nothing to be afraid of for the Dark Dragon Iris.

With Iris's defensive power, attacks by Floor 27 Boss should feel 『Pricklish』 at most to her.
Iris in her human form probably can't beat it alone... But she should manage to run away at least.

『Attacks by this Floor 27 Boss must be very powerful, isn't it!? Mathi-kun and Iris-san, would you two really be alright!?』

Ruli asked when I told them.
Of course, I've got plans for that.

『I'll be all right! When push comes to shove, I can just turn back into my dragon form and bite it to death!』

『I'm good too. It's easier to dodge than demons' attacks and there's a lot of space to move around anyway.』

Indeed, eating Floor 27 Boss' attacks directly would mean certain death for me.
However, I would have long left this world if I couldn't dodge attacks from a mere Floor 27 Boss.

Rather, monsters on Floor 27 of 『Iliad-managed Dungeon』 are pretty easy to dodge.
After all, the ground there is flat and there's a lot of space.

Many dungeons have enough space to engage in battles, but in this one you can dodge around without minding about space at all. This is huge.

"We've arrived at Floor 27... But are you truly sure you're going down here?"

The operator had this 'I can't believe these people' face on her.

Looks like we reached Floor 27 while we were formulating a plan.
Let's get off for now.

"Yeah... I just need to push this button when we want to go back, right?"

I point at a button installed near the Dungeon Elevator's door.
This button was used to call Dungeon Elevator in my previous life.

"That would be fine. Since some of these buttons can be unresponsive, please push on it more if it doesn't light up the first time... I'll be praying for your safe return."

This part's lacking maintenance too huh...

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