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Okami wa Nemuranai 5.7


The fourth floor was infested with Spider Monkeys (Rindou).

They weren't that big, but they formed groups of two and three.

Sometimes there were ever so slightly biggish Red Apes (Urd) mixed in as well.

The Red Apes on this floor carry wands with them, and shoot out fire magic. In Lecan's original world, magic beasts capable of using magic were very rare, and they were limited to magic beasts that possessed enormous amount of mana like dragons, as such, seeing apes using magic came as a huge shock to Lecan.

The fifth floor had giant bees as enemy. There were even less adventurers than ever on this floor. Adventurers who got stung by these bees got blue rash on their faces accompanied by spasms.

The sixth floor's enemy were long thin black snakes. These magic beasts are easy to kill, but since they're lurking in rock crevices inside dimly lit passages of cavern, detecting them is not a simple matter for adventurers with dull instinct. In addition, this snake's venom has no effect when it doesn't work, but when it does, that means instant death. Even Lecan felt slightly terrified by this. Though they're nothing to be afraid of for someone with Lecan's detection ability and nimbleness.

The seventh floor had White Revenants (Zaag). A great number of adventurers were present on this floor. Several adventurers will gang up on a slow-moving White Revenant .

If you think about it, you can just avoid floors with difficult enemies and go to ones that house easy to handle magic beasts instead, so of course it's only natural that there's a lot of adventures here. However, you cannot get magic gems from White Revenants. Wonder what they're fighting for.

The adventurers fighting on this floor have pretty weak offensive powers, they're taking quite a long time just to beat a mere Zaag.

Lecan killed five White Revenants (Zaags) and got two treasure chests spawned on him. Perhaps Zaags give out a higher chance of spawning treasure chests.

The eight floor was inhabited by incorporeal magic beasts. They probably belong to a type of magic beasts called <Youma>.

This Youma uses mental attacks through their cry, but it's utterly ineffective against Lecan. After several trials and errors, he found out that <Lamplight (Parm)> could kill it. When he saw a spell he learned could be used to kill his enemy, Lecan went on to decimate a huge number of this Youma in excitement.

He absorbed mana from the dropped magic gems.

The ninth floor's enemy was a type of wolves. They're bigger than Wood Wolves and have gray fur. Equipped with sharp fangs to boot, they're not a magic beast suited for beginners at all.

The tenth floor's enemy was Red Apes again. However, the Red Apes on this floor are much bigger than the ones on the first floor. And they carry clubs with them. There are also Red Apes that shoot out fire spell like the ones on the fourth floor mixed among them. On top of that, they're moving in a group of ten with fortified front and rear, they're also quite agile.

Adventurers who move in a group of two or three don't exist here on this floor. Most groups consist of five to eight people, some groups even exceed ten. The passages here may be far bigger than all the ones before them, but Lecan still wonders if a group of ten could even move properly in these passages, though maybe the Red Apes can.

The scenery suddenly changed when he got to floor 11.

Up until now, every floor was like a cave found in a rocky mountain, full of rugged rocks in every direction.

However, the ground on this floor has grass growing. The ceiling is pretty high as well, about ten steps high.

Pillars towering from the ground toward the ceilings are all over the place. These pillars are curved like old trees with holes on them.

The distances between each pillars are not set, some are five steps wide, some are twenty.

Through his <Life Detection>, Lecan perceives that there are magic beasts lurking on the ceiling, ground and the pillars here. However, Lecan has his attention directed at another spot.

Five adventurers are sitting around while having a meal in a slightly open space.

That reminds him, there's no shelters free of magic beasts in this dungeon. These adventurers are taking a break in a danger zone.

Carelessly approaching adventurers you're not acquainted with is supposed to be a bad thing, but he ended up doing it out of curiosity.

"Ooh, some real impressive one is coming here."

"Hey you, are you alone. Where's your companions."
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"Nowhere. I came here by myself from the start."

"What? Well I'll be. Can't believe someone soloed all those floors and got here."

That was when Lecan noticed small bags lying on the ground. Feels like a familiar scent is drifting from those bags.

"Are those, potpourris?"

"You betcha! By sheer luck, we managed to buy some high-class potpourris from Harrisbos Store at town of Vouka, ya see."

"The potpourris sold in that store are very effective and they last a year to boot."

"Don't go taking them off with ya now."

The adventurers laughed out.

Harrisbos Store.

That's one of the stores where they dropped off Shira's potpourris just the other day. Lecan doesn't recognize the potpourri bags put on the ground, some stylish looking patterns are sewn on them. Must have gotten repacked.

I see, if this is how these are used, it's no mystery they're sold out quick even at that price.

The potpourris have been placed on four points. This should keep magic beasts away and they can even get shut eyes now. Of course, these adventurers have <Box (Ruuf)> and only spread the scent around when they need it.

Lecan suddenly felt hunger.

"Sorry for the intrusion."

After apologizing to the adventurers, Lecan left the place.

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